Owl Wisdom

Only 24 more poems to go before Poetry Month ends. This is fun but time consuming. But maybe I’m learning some discipline that I can incorporate into my other writing.  Bigger miracles have happened.

I super enjoyed reading the post “Writing Without Rituals” on the Word Whores blog. The post is very meaningfilled for those of us with procrastination, distraction, and restless pacing issues. I especially related to this statement by Allison Pang, I often feel like I’m some sort of literary mafia queen, where I have to threaten my brain to get the words out now, or I’m going to shove a decapitated horse head into the power supply.”

So here is the poem of the day, written while I watched the owl and crow action out my home office window.

Owl Wisdom
What’s the ruckus?
What are they after?
Her head swivels
Looks down
Then up
Keeping her gaze
On gathering black forms
Her body
She appears calm
Measuring the threat
I want to protect her
But she seems to have it
Under control
On her own
As I watch
Through binoculars
For a moment
Large green eyes
Meet mine
They seem to know
To see me
Through me
Teaching me

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  1. Now, that’s a wonderful poem to support such an unusual pair! Great capture sweetie.

    God bless and have a terrific day!!!

  2. I don’t know why this poem made me just BURST into tears…I’m funny that way.
    Such moving words Maery! Awesome shot of the pair of them too! Thank you…I appreciate a good poem.
    (You can do it)

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