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bike at train station

Thursday and Friday, I did my first bike-train commutes of 2015. It was a rough start because, for one thing, I lost my Metro Go Card.

I don’t know how I lose so many things, especially when I’ve created systems to prevent frequent losing.

I have my designated box by the door to the garage for such on-the-go type of things. It wasn’t there. It also wasn’t in my jacket and pants pockets, selection of purses, clothes and junk drawers, backpacks, bike bags or on my desktop or kitchen counters.

After two days of searching, I got a new Go Card but it’s going to bug me until the day the card magically reappears in the one place I never thought to look.

Trying to leave the house those first two days, there were misplaced gloves and hats, changes of clothes as I decided and re-decided how warm and windproof I needed to dress (the temperature was in the thirties in the morning) and what were ridable work clothes. Then there was the difficulty of fitting the morning clothes into my pannier for the return trip when the temperatures were in the fifties.

bike shoes and leggings

My first time commuting to work, I was super-enthusiastic and got off the train one stop earlier than normal. This only added about four miles to my usual two mile bike ride, which wouldn’t have been a big deal except there was a long patch of ice, a couple huge puddles, strong winds and a couple unusual people to contend with.

I mean, check out this train station! I think it fairly screams “Twilight Zone!”

bike at train station

So far, I’ve watched a man be arrested at the train station in the morning and a woman being kicked off the train by a policeman in the afternoon. The police officer obviously knew the woman as he called after her, “See you around, Millie!” To which Millie responded, “F- you man! I’ll ride the train whenever and wherever I want!”

Riding to the station Friday evening, I saw a woman on the bike path walking from one side of the trail to the other. As I got closer, I realized she was having a very emotional conversation with herself, complete with waving arms that I didn’t want to get too close to.

Still, it was awesome to be riding again.

Weekend warmth meant that Steve and I spent Saturday afternoon taking our first outing on our road bikes this year. Riding the fat bike during the winter seems to have made riding any skinnier-tired bike feel like riding a breeze. It appears I can ride farther and do hill climbs without getting as tired as I used to.

Bianchi road bike

I was trying out a new handlebar bag to carry my camera and a new helmet that is lighter and provides more air flow than my Nutcase, but is not near as cute. It was still cool and windy enough that I wore a light hat underneath it.

Giro bike helmet

I’m trying out a different saddle also. I thought I’d be returning it after this trial run as it was uncomfortable when riding inside on a trainer but it felt pretty good while actually riding on the road.

road bike stop for ice cream

This week, I’m back to traveling between corporate offices, never sure exactly where I’m working from day-to-day or even morning-to-afternoon. Kind of kills the bike commuting for awhile. And it looks like chillier weather is setting back in again. But I’ve had a taste of what’s to come this year, and it’s going to be sweet.

Java agrees.


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