Why I Do It

Both dogs went to the vet this morning. Java just needed a heartworm test and to get her nails clipped (as long as we were there). Latte had her third round of puppy shots, plus Bordatella because I hope to put Latte in doggy daycare a couple days a week starting next week. That should help with the craziness of running home to let her out at lunchtime – a task I’m sharing with a friend.

Once Latte is at least 8 months old, I hope she will be okay at home all day. Doggy daycare is not much cheaper than child daycare.

Latte also has some skin thing going on. She’s very itchy. The vet gave me an antibiotic as portions of her skin look infected and she’s been scratching herself raw.

(Do you see Latte Da?)

Between the dogs going to the vet; the heartworm, flea and tick killer, and antibiotic; plus Luke’s Spring shots last week, well, it’s been a pricey animal month.

Why I Do It
At least once a week
If not every day
I yell at the ceiling
“I can’t make it this way!”
I need someone smart
To look out for me
I take more and more on
Just to prove what I plea
No one can handle
So much and stay on their feet
If I keep on like this
I’ll surely be beat
But there are other reasons
To take critters in
They prove that I’m needed
Is that such a sin?
Their comical antics
Give my mood such a rise
I guess I need
Their adoring eyes
So call me pathetic
Call me a nut
But I do know how to make it
Just give me a mutt

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  1. We’ve had an expensive month, too, with lots of vet visits. Everyone’s due for their annual and then there was Sophie’s visit today. It’s all well worth it, at least. 🙂

  2. It must be pet vet month or something! I have had emergency horse vet bills and I need to call the vet for my horses vaccinations! Yikes!
    I had thought about putting Sadie in Doggy Daycare when she was younger. I thought it would do her good. But then after her diagnosis from the dog behaviorist, I changed my mind. It wasn’t worth the risk.
    Latte gets cuter and cuter!

  3. Vegan Flower – Yes, another thing that spring brings is updating everyone’s shots and such. But maybe we don’t have to worry about heartworm this year if it keeps snowing. Sorry about Sophie’s mouth problems. That bill couldn’t have been good. But like you said — worth it.

    Lori – Thanks. It was one of those poems that started out different than it ended. By the end I was laughing, well, mainly from an ending I didn’t use.

    Paint Girl – It is spring, or at least that’s what I hear. Can’t tell from looking outside. I need to catch up on your blog. I hope your horses are okay. I’m mainly looking to do the daycare to get some relief from having to run home. Need to keep my job to pay all those animal bills. 😉

  4. Everyone needs to love and be loved.

    Animals certainly fill the bill. Don’t know what I’d do without mine.

    Never had an animal that hurt me.

    I pity people who haven’t experienced their devotion.

  5. A dog walker may be cheaper than doggy day care..just a thought..perhaps for the summer a neighborhood child..you know a thirteenish girl or boy that likes extra spending money.
    Even with only one dog the Vet costs get up there..but they are worth it:)

  6. My daughters Vet bills were more than her baby’s pediatricians expense. Go figure…

    You are gonna compile your poetry into a book aren’t you??? You do have the knack!

    God bless your day sweetie!!!

  7. Sally – I feel the same way.

    Far Side – I did look at people who come to your house to let your dog out and they are more expensive. I haven’t met any trustworthy kids around here. Just ones that steal cars and bikes. Sigh…

    Nezzy – It’s true. They are more expensive than people doctors. A collection of poetry is another option for a creative outlet.

  8. I have a long story about how my mutts saved me from depression almost 20 years ago. Having critters that need you and love you is the best thing in the world.

    Whew, and I know about vet prices!!!!!

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