Moody Weather

Hasn’t this been an interesting year so far weather-wise? Will Spring ever arrive and stay? What about summer?

As we wait, might as well notice what’s been interesting about it.

Tree Moods
Trees move me
Even when downed
Mystery wrapped in texture
Changing with seasons
The rush and robbing of light
The dogs and I
Drift off the path
A closer look around
Checking each angle
For hidden secrets
Hidden life
Back on the path
Away from branchy protection
The breeze reaches out
Cold fingers
brushing my hair
then slapping me senseless

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  1. I hope your havin’ as much fun with your new camera as I am viewin’ your pictures!!! I love the old twisted branch.

    “Slappin” me senseless” Heehehehe!

    God bless ya and thanks so much for sharin’ your little part of the world!

  2. Nezzy – I love the new camera. Now I just need to learn how to work the fancy stuff.

    Lynn – Yes I did. Java came in covered with it.

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