It’s Java Time – Can’t Touch This

Java and I went on a walk Saturday morning and found a family and their dog enjoying that last breath of summer by splashing around in the river.

people swimming in river

There are still some pretty flowers that the bees are enjoying too.

flowers and bees

After our walk, I went to Home Depot to look for a plastic tray to create an area in the kennel for Java to do her business. I thought maybe they’d have something in the gardening area. Nope. Maybe in the paint department? Nope. Automotive? No such section. What I ended up with was two boot trays, which I stapled together.

working on kennel

Then I put boxing tape over the staples for a little added security.

working on kennel

Then in went some hay from the barn floor.

working on kennel

By the way, I didn’t think about what happens to the kennel tarp when it rains. A quick push up and the rain that collected emptied but it doesn’t work as well as I hoped to shelter my precious girl as some of the rain still got through.

tarp filled after rain

I was going to put the extra hay for the tray into a feed bag to use as needed. But Java had other ideas for the feed bag.

dog running

Java! You bring that back here!

dog running

Okay. I know I should be stricter. But she made me laugh again so how could I yell at her?

dog running

The bag is history.

And now a question for you, how do you do a good job cutting nails when they are surrounded by so much hair?!

clipping dog nails

And on a final note, watch this video and see if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face or even a snort of laughter. I’m feelin’ attitude!

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  1. I did a review on some pet nail trimmer product a while back. The hair still gets caught in it. Maybe use Vaseline to slick back the hair out of the way while you clip? I haven’t tried it, but it should work. Feed bag fun can get quite silly whether it be with dogs or horses.

  2. Lovin’ the attitude!
    Java is so silly! I love the picture of her flying through the air with the feed bag! When I trim my dogs nails, I put my fingers around the nail and slide my fingers up towards the hair, which pushes the hair back. It seems to work. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time I trim them.

  3. I think Java was sent here to keep your heart and funny parts alive. she is SO FUNNY! Love that old vid. Used to make the ladies in my aqua class work out to that one. 🙂

  4. The extra foot hair does complicate things. We’ve always had short / medium haired dogs, so it hasn’t been too much of an issue.

    Maybe dip Java’s feet in water (if that isn’t too traumatic) so that the hair is flatter and easier to slick out of the way.

    I cannot wait to hear if your potty area solution works.

  5. Ooh, I used to hate to cut puppy nails. We had a poodle his thick cork-screw hair made it an extra challenge…plus, he HATED it! It took two of us to hold him down. God I miss him!

  6. I’ve never had to deal with trimming nails on a long haired dog myself, but one of my friends uses those disposable nylon footies – poke the nail through the nylon, and it holds the hair back.

    I love the pics of Java with the bag. We all need to find fun where we can, right?

  7. Thanks for the nail cutting suggestions. I think the main thing is to do it more often so Java doesn’t try to keep pulling her feet away. That REALLY makes it hard!

    So far, Java is not using her potty area for going potty. Instead, she is ripping the tape off. How did she even find the tape under the hay? She did watch me assembling the thing…

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