Java’s Water Park

I took a brief break from real life. The time away was way too brief, but too many irons in the fire to take more.

I went on a two-night camping trip to Tettegouche State Park, near Silver Bay, MN. There’s too many photos to show all at once so I’ll post as I get a chance to edit all of it. There also might be a ton of video. I’m not sure how much I took. Oh, and some recordings too. I was one busy, electronic gadget girl!

I did take a few hours to just read a book, did a couple sketches of Java, and spent many hours just staring into the fire (occasionally thinking about jumping into it).

Yes, I’m still busy in house hunting hell. I thought I had found my cozy cottage only to find that the basic structure appears to not be up to code and although it seems fine now anyway, it’s too risky for me to deal with possible resell issues down the line. I’m in mourning.

But rather than dwell on that loss, I’ll take you along on my mini-escape.

This was the view of Lake Superior from our campground. The waves crashed all day and night and I loved it!

Java thoroughly enjoyed the lake too. I mean, does this dog love water or what?

Java took a break from her water antics to pose on the rocks.
And appeared to be utterly taken aback by this lurking boulder. 
And of course, there were sticks.
And after all that, Java took a well-deserved break back at camp.

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  1. Lori – Yes, still looking but it’s slim pickings. I think the government housing stimulus sold a lot of houses in my price range in April and not much has come on the market since then.

  2. Great getaway! Yes, I think that Java loves water! Did she ever come out of it while you were there?

    We once had a dog who would find boulders just barely under lake water. She’d swim to them and stand on the boulders, appearing like she was standing on water. Oh, I miss her.

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