The Year I Embrace My Weirdness

We look for the unusual through our camera lens,
but try too often to hide it in ourself.
Yes, I know, there are people 
who strive for uniqueness
a brand of “me” 
a scarf that took hours to drape just so
layers of mismatched jewelry,
or dramatically madeup eyes.
But who wants to cultivate qualities 
parts of self that don’t bring admiration? 
Do you seek out confused looks?
Perhaps you’d like a dash of disapproval?
No, I am 99% sure that a support group 
for those who crave rejection 
would not be well attended.
So many self-help books, 
classes and therapists,
the fixer uppers 
for our shortcomings.
Too quiet
Too lost in thought
Too caught up in imagination
Reads too much
Doesn’t do well with small talk
or water cooler gossip.
Instead, wants to discuss climate change.
Can you imagine?
Have you seen  how she hyperventilates 
when people complain about rain 
during a drought?
She’s so serious,
way too oversensitive.
So when the cock crows for the third time,
will you say you know thy true self?
Or deny her existence?

– 2013 –
I’ve selected this as the year 
I will be kinder to my weird girl.
Embrace the being that is more of a child now 
than when she was a child.
I want to give that weird girl
a chance to play
to be her independent,
book-wormish self.
Without shame
Without trying to change
What doesn’t need to be changed.

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  1. Oh, you beautiful, weird girl! I love this all so very much ~ “embrace the being who is more of a child now than when she was a child” … perfect! I tend to not trust people who are not a little bit weird, we would love to hang out together, I just know it.
    Gorgeous images, too! Happy New Year!

  2. Jill – Thank you!

    Susan – Thanks! Your comment made me smile. I am a bit suspicious of those “normal” acting people too. What are they hiding? Maybe some day we will get to hang out, maybe even with the whole V & V crew.

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