An Ooh Aah Moment


I caught this beautiful sunrise yesterday morning.


There should be a better description than “beautiful”. None of the adjectives cut it – gorgeous, awesome, spectacular.

Perhaps I could say that the purplish shades, highlighted in orange and streaming across the sky, remind me of a sky-sized canvas, that someone has brushed splashes of bright watercolor across. No. Such a cliche.

How about that it was like the second day of an especially nasty bruise? No, no. That doesn’t sound very lovely.

How about that it was like blueberries and orange juice spilled across the counter?

No wonder people say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Speaking of a thousand words, I need to get back to my story. I’m at 16,157 words so far.

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  1. Been browsing thru your blog. Not sure from where I linked from, now that I think about it.

    What a roller coaster of emotions. Your poetry says as much as the words in your blog. I’ll stop by again…

  2. You have a magnificent eye to capture the hand of God at his best. The pictures take my breath away.

    Congratulations on all the writing your have accomplished. Looks like ya’ll are on a roll.

    Have a beautiful day filled with blessings and many creative words.

  3. Roxanne – Good one!

    Tammy – Welcome! Yes, I have been all over the place – emotionally speaking.

    Paint Girl – Hope things are calming down for you.

    Dusty – It was quite a sight.

    Nezzy – I think I’ve reached that uphill climb in my writing. I hope I get to the other side soon.

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