Restorative Peace

The following poem is a real mish-mash. I couldn’t decide whether to rhyme or not rhyme and the rhythm is illusive.  I’m sure I’ve broken every rule in the poetry rule book by now.

I should have just skipped the “door” poem, but it’s been snaking through my brain tissue and had to come out, plus I had all these dang door photos. Consider it a restorative peace…

In or Out
I hear
When one door closes
Another opens
Stop staring at the door
Slammed in your face
Difficult not to remain
To the first choice
Waiting for the 
Knob to twitch
Let’s Make a Deal!
Door number 1, 2, or 3?
Doors can lock you out
Or lock you in
But try as they might
There are weaknesses
In the intent
Doors can be transparent
Showing what’s beyond
Sometimes there are signs
Take heed
And walk away
There are no rules 
About color
Unless you Feng shui
Some doors are fancy
Others are plain
Like people
Looks do not mirror
Happiness or pain
What do you think
When a skull 
Guards the door?
Does it protect you
From harm
Or scare you to the core?
You can open
The door to your heart
Or slam it shut
All in the same day
I miss the freedom
To simply walk
through doors
Like Alice in Wonderland
I’m not 
The right size
“Drink me,” says the potion
“Eat me,” says the cake
But I won’t
Lose the woman
The one that fits
I know
There are
Maery-sized doors
A few have opened
A crack
I tip-toe quietly
Warily peek through
There are more choices
Than just one or two
And I have the time 
To try quite a few
Until I find the one
The door
That stays open

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  1. I like it… Doors are so symbolic in so many different ways.

    Have you seen the movie about Temple Grandin’s life? Visualizing doors that open into new and amazing experiences is a technique that she uses to deal with the unknown. It’s a really good movie – it surprised me with how much I liked it.

  2. You may have broken a few rules girl but I love it!!! The door pictures so supported the poem.

    God bless you day sweetie! :o)

  3. KB – Yes I did see that movie. I think that part about doors is why it’s been kind of stuck in my head. I was surprised how much I liked that movie too.

    Nezzy – Me? Break rules? I actually ran around and took photos during my lunch hour in the neighborhood where I work.

  4. “doors can lock you out or lock you in”…love it!!!

    I heard of someone online who is writing a poem a day for a YEAR. I used to think I might be able to do that, now I know I’m not up to that challenge…I need a break, and a bike ride. Cheers Maery!!! Here’s to your achieving 30 in 30!

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