Delight – Part I


I like to believe there are messengers and teachers sent to us in human or animal form when we need them.

I ran across one such angel in October 2009 and posted about it here. She was a blind woman with a seeing eye dog who I met in a doctor’s waiting room. She introduced herself and then said, “I was crying. I’m so glad you’re here.”

She had no idea what I was going through with my divorce nor that she ripped my heart wide open with her words. She somehow found comfort in me, while I received her gift of putting something warm back into my heart.

She was glad I was here…

And with her words some of the hurt of having my husband stop loving me healed just a tiny bit. And it seemed possible that there were other people who were also glad I’m here and that my life was not over.

So many angels popping out all over the place when most needed…


And yes, I do imagine less visible angels hovering nearby. And I see mythical creatures in clouds and among the trees. It makes me smile to imagine them there and create stories in my head of another level of worlds going on around me – one that is sensed and comes in flashes out of the corner of my eye, but disappears if you turn my head to look.

“If an experience is delightful or pleasant, usually we want to grab it and make it last. We’re afraid that it will end. We’re not inclined to share it. The lojong teachings encourage us, if we enjoy what we are experiencing, to think of other people and wish for them to feel that. Share the wealth. Be generous with your joy. Give away what you most want. Be generous with your insights and delights. Instead of fearing that they’re going to slip away and holding on to them, share them.”
~ Pema Chodron, “Always Maintain A Joyful Mind”

I was listening to a Pema Chodron CD about living a joyful life, while I was driving home from seeing Luke. I was feeling particularly lucky to have such a nice horse and grateful that he’s had no symptoms of heaves for quite awhile (breathing not barfing problem).


I had ridden Luke outside, because it was above freezing and sunny. I couldn’t get enough of that blue sky and warmth on my face. While we were riding a circle, three trumpeter swans flew overhead, with their distinctive honking and amazingly huge white bodies and wingspan.

Who can see such a sight and not stop and try to take it all in? I felt as though my heart was expanding to the size of an elephant as I watched them go by.

So I was still feeling that horse and sun and swan and outdoor beauty high when I heard Pema use the word “delight” in her teaching.  My ears perked up as I thought how that word so perfectly fit what I was feeling.

As Pema said in the quote above, I did wish I could somehow transfer what I saw and felt to other people. Couldn’t such sharing somehow heal the world of the sadness, anger, and ‘otherness’ thoughts that seem to cause so much suffering?

Oh, if only I had magical powers to do so. But I don’t. And I guess you have to see and feel these things for yourself. So keep your eyes open for angels in human and fur and feather and tree bark disguise.

They are out there. You just have to see them and feel the delight.

Or better yet, you can be one for someone else.

dog in snow

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  1. delight is one of the hardest things to hold onto. but well worth the challenge of seeking, every day. and i think you are being generous with your insights and delights.
    i love the crow image!

    1. Thank you Kelly. I figure delight is that extra scoop of ice cream., meant to be savored for awhile but not eaten too slowly or it will melt.

  2. That word, delight, is so special and so are you for sharing it … your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams for a nicer world and the love for your animals. Keep writing, please.

    1. Thank you Susan. You do know you’re one of those angels, who just happens to be followed by 7 angels of her own. 🙂

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