Kennel Chaos – Part 2

The kennel saga continues. Finally got the chain link fence laid out flat. It was a tangled mess.

What was the manufacturer thinking folding it up upon itself with no burlap or something in between to prevent the links from hooking on each other?
But beyond the idiocy of that, the links are not even assembled correctly. There are a couple sections like this where the bottom has a big empty space.

chain link fence

And the top has a square sticking up above the rest because the whole line of links is off.

chain link fence

There is no way for me to fix this without super human effort. So I think I need to bring the fence back and see if they’ll open a box and give me a whole new roll of fencing, hoping that the new one is okay.
I regret having put together the frame already because it now occurs to me that it’s going to be a mess trying to disassemble this again and move it with the chain link all being in one piece.
This is such a bummer.
But there was a beautiful sunset…


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  1. Oh no! That is terrible! I am sure they will open a new box and just replace the chain link. But still, to have to go through all that and find out the chain link is defective!
    That is a beautiful sunset!

  2. It was a beautiful sunset – good job focusing on the positive!

    I can imagine your frustration, finally laying out the fence to see the defects. I sure hope that the vendor lets you keep the frame together and replaces only the fence!

  3. What a pain in the BUTTTTT! All you are trying to do is a good deed for Java! Call the company and tell them to deliver you a new one…and have them assemble it.

    Nice sunset.

  4. What a dissapointment..and you were doing so good too. Call Farm Fleet first before you take it apart..or go in and take the photographs with you. It will all work out. Yup you need a tribe..:)

  5. Oh my Lord…the thing was designed for escape!!!!!!!!! Who knew!
    I just hate it when things don’t work out when they seem so clear originally.
    Darn…darn…darn (kicking under desk with toe)

  6. Well, the bad piece of fencing has been returned and replaced with a new roll. I haven’t unrolled it yet but I’m remaining optimistic, well, trying anyway.

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