A Cowgirl Fairytale

“This way!” she said. “Follow the lights!”
There is a magic forest
Ruled by a very wise tree 
(okay, he’s actually checking out some chick passing by, it was Vegas after all)
You’ll pass under a sea of colorful jelly fish
And you will find a palace
Where water spirits sing and dance
Click your ruby slippers
One, two, three times
You will return home
Where giant leaves line the path
You may fret that all color 
Has been sucked from the landscape
Oh, such evil sorcery!
But fear not!
Look closely
And you will see
Beauty is there
For you and me

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  1. I know, I know – all that color and variety and humorosity (I made that up) is great. But I was happy to get away from Vegas and home to your snow covered leaf and the gray/white trees. It’s time for the season to turn, and since it isn’t quite ready to do it here in Houston, I really enjoy seeing it happen around other parts of the country!

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