Staying Warm and Dry

“Forgive the dead year. Forgive
yourself. What will be wants
To push through your fingers.”
~ Marge Piercy, “The head of the year”

Forgive yourself…
Isn’t [s]he the hardest person to forgive of all?
I’m still waiting for her to make amends
The future is not ours to see
or to make
or to bend to our will
Half of what we think up
comes from 
Not wanting to feel 
or to fall 
into a thing gone bad
to stay warm 
and dry
No matter what we do
what plans we have 
Will this thing that will be
push in where it’s not welcome
And become whatever it wants to be?
Must we simply learn this?
Accept it?
Open our hands
our hearts
and trust?
That it will be better 
than anything 
our bruised minds can come up with?

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