Thanks for all the birthday wishes! As part of my birthday celebration, I saw a show called “Wits” put on by MPR on Friday night. The performers included comedian Patton Oswalt and musician Grant Lee Phillips (who performed with REM and Pearl Jam, but is best known to me as Stars Hollows Troubadour on  Gilmore Girls).

Sadly, the MPR host John Moe was tiresome and rather than have Patton do a standup act, they did a pathetic monologue that sounded like something they’d dreamed up an hour before the show.

The saving factor was Grant Lee Phillips. I enjoyed his music and he was also funny — a lot funnier than Patton, which I don’t blame on Patton but on the format of the show itself.

Anyway, enough about that, lets move on to something really exciting! I feel like a parent of a newborn, but this is so awesome! Latte slept through the night last evening! And she didn’t whine, bark, or whimper even once! Yeh!!!

To accomplish this feat, we went on a very long walk through the snow, which I think wore me out more than the dogs. I was nodding off on the couch by about 9:00 PM.

We went to the Rum River park again. The paths were a little more tromped down this time, but not everywhere and it was still a lot of work trudging through the snow. My calf muscles actually started to burn!

I think Latte is going to be a tough little dog. I didn’t think she’d be able to go so far without tiring but she just plunges along, trying to keep up with Java and not having any issues doing so.

I’d like to thank the people who took the time to be creative on the trail. All you dog lovers have got to love this — a snowdoggy!

Just relaxing on the bench and watching the river go by.
There was another snowdog farther down the path, staring off into the woods. Java barked in alarm at it as we approached. From Latte’s tail tuckage, I don’t think she was sure of the situation either.

The river is starting to rise and will continue to do so as the snow melts.

The most exciting part was when we reached a point in the trail that was flooded by the river. The area was somewhat iced over and shallow but you could hear the water under the ice and there was cracking noises and the ice was so slippery that I think the only way to get across it would have been to scoot on my butt.

So we followed footprints that went off to the left, away from the river, assuming that someone knew a way around. Hmmm… I have no photos of what we went through to get around the flooding because I was carrying Latte and fighting for my life amidst nasty thorn bushes tearing at my clothes, branches trying to gouge out my eyes, and there was this little, shallow stream that we had to cross, jumping from branch to swamp grass clump to branch. We survived! I felt so adventurous.

I went to the stable in the morning to ride Luke. He looks thrilled doesn’t he?

After the ride, I found several of the horses snoozing in the sun.

This is an itchy time of year for horses, as they start to shed out their winter coats. Nothing as good as back-scratching roll.

And here are a couple other sure signs of Spring. Yes, that is actually a bug. There were several of these down by the river.

And the monster icicle that it’s best to avoid walking under.

So I wonder what I’ll have to do today to get a good night’s sleep?

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  1. Snow doggies, fantastic!

    Latte’s tail tuck – such a big world for her to learn about.

    She is lucky to have you showing her the way. Beautiful walk!

  2. The snow dogs are fantastic! I love the one ear up on Latte. Our horses are shedding like crazy too. I can’t imagine how itchy that is for them. I bet Luke’s coat really gets bright in the spring.

  3. Whoever created those snowdogs had to know what they were doing! So sweet.
    Great photos, but I especially love the first one of the river. Wow, such amazing color. Latte is something to be sleeping through the night already. She must feel safe and happy.

  4. Heeeeehehe!!! Not quite what I had in my mind when I saw the title!!! This is great.

    I loved all your beautiful pictures!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  5. Very cute snowdogs..someone was talented! The river looks cold..but open..a sure sign that spring must be coming soon. Latte Da let you sleep one entire night..she will get into a routine..and you have ever right to be proud of her:)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Your day sounded wonderful….a fun show, a trail hike and a ride on Luke! Fun!
    The snowdogs made me grin. How magical and creative! Your photos were great. How interesting that the dogs were more concerned over the snowdog on the ground and not the one on the bench. lol!

    I’m amazed at all that snow and water. Wow! We barely got any snow all winter here, which is strange. And we’ve not had any rain at all since last August. We sure could use some, too.

    Hooray for pups that sleep through the night!

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