Long Week

Still on the mend – coughing a lot, sleeping little, and totally out of gas. Speaking of gas, how about those prices? And if you need diesel (for the truck) and Premium (for the Mini), it’s really a killer.

My raise this year is definitely not going to keep up with increases in gas, coffee (gasp!), and everything else that’s going up. My boss was very apologetic but I told him I consider myself lucky compared to so many other people.

Java appears to be non-plussed by it all.

I wrote another poem and I know you’re probably going to hate it but don’t look at it as “Oh, Maery. Don’t think that way.” 
Look at it as I do. “Hmmm, amateurish, but kind of clever play on words.”

The Catch and Release Girl

She felt 
A whole lot 
More substantial
On the line

What a fighter! 
So exciting!
What a challenge!
What a high!

But haul her in
Hmmm… kinda scrawny
Poke her 
And watch her flop

Not a one
Has exclaimed
“She’s a keeper!”

She shines
For a moment
In time
Catch and release girl
And now for something a bit more lovely. A pretty girl with an amazing voice and her dreams.

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  1. You’re really getting the hang of this poetry thing Maery…this is another one of your callings I think!
    I LOVE Adele…she is AWESOME…I have practically worn out her new CD.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Truly quite the clever play on words girl. You do have a flair for the poem. :o)

    Feel better sweetie!

    God bless and get some rest! :o)

    Ooops…that sounded a bit bossy didn’t it? Heeehehehehe!!!

  3. You have a wonderful way with words… so much talent!

    Java loves her sticks…atleast they haven’t raised the price on those. Her pictures bring a smile everytime.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. She shines for a moment… lovely line!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    By the way, your gas prices are nothing like ours in Sweden! Nothing!

  5. I love your poem.

    I hope that you re-fill with gas!

    I’ll have to watch the video when my internet isn’t crawling so slowly. I’ve never heard of the performer so I’m looking forward to it.

  6. I’m so glad that I only have to put gas in my car every two weeks! The gas prices are absolutely crazy!
    I think Java has the right idea, sticks are cheap (free) and she enjoys every minute of it!

  7. Cool poem Maery…I agree, you are good at this. No surprise! Maybe the catch and release girl just fell for the wrong bait. She’ll be more discerning next time:-) Fell better soon!

  8. Great poem Maery. Remember that catch and release is a good thing. Better than being battered and fried. He he he. Also better than having to lie on the bank gasping for air.

  9. Thanks for the compliments on the poem everyone.

    Jill – You clever, funny girl you. I may have to work that into the poem. It might even make a good t-shirt saying.

    Kathleen – I knew I shouldn’t have gone for that flashy red and silver lure.

    Ladyfi – I know. We in the US have been spoiled. It’s pretty shocking what Europe is paying for gas.

  10. Maery, first,I hope you feel better soon, that is a yucky bug going around!

    Second, I love Java’s pix in your different posts..good dog!

    And third, I love the title of the poem..very cool.. I think that could be the name of a movie.. very catchy. The poem is good, very good.

    Also, I to got a small raise and was glad that I could at least be thankful for my job!

    Take it easy this weekend, and drink some green tea!

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