Horse Expo and Stuff

A solid rain storm started last evening and ran through much of today. So what else can a girl do but go to the Horse Expo and look at all the bling.

There was more bling than practical stuff. I found a Troxel helmet I’ve been looking for, to replace my old horse-chewed up helmet, but the price tag stopped me. Check out Laughing Orca Ranch to get a detailed low down on a bunch of helmet options. You’ll enjoy the humor.

I sat in a Tucker Plantation saddle that I really like. Those new gel seats are awesome! And there is a front saddle pack by Trail Max that I am coveting. But I came home without anything but a few photos (okay 80 photos) from the breed parade. I hope this isn’t too much of a good thing. Fortunately, I sat down in the arena during the middle of the parade and did not capture all the breeds.

Nokota Horse

Norwegian Fjord 
 Paint (these girls were so wild, it was hard to limit myself to one, much less just two)
 Paso Fino

Peruvian Paso
 Rocky Mountain Horse (I want this horse!)
 Tennessee Walker (Luke is cuter)

Next stop was the Bike Expo, which was also at the fair grounds. I was disappointed that they didn’t have more bikes to look at (and perhaps try) and bike toys — I was hoping to find some kind of bobble head cowgirl to go on my handlebars. But on the plus side, there were tons of trail guides and information about places to vacation and bike tour.

There are bikes in Minneapolis that you can rent and use — the lime green bikes shown below. I don’t think they had in mind for you to do wheelies on them however.

After all that expo fun, the sun actually came out. It was windy, but we had to take advantage of our good fortune and take a walk at the Rum River park before it turns nasty again tonight.

Java is not thrilled I’ve put her noseband collar back on again but it makes a night and day difference in being able to pass other dogs with no reaction beyond her looking at the dog as we pass. It’s so nice for me. Not so nice for her. I’m hoping if we walk this way for awhile I can try taking the band back off again. If she misbehaves, back to the band. She’s a smart girl. She’ll figure it out.

I hate to end my poetry month on such a negative note with my last couple poems, but isn’t that what poetry is for? To get out the feelings and emotions? To let the words echo what’s hidden? To be heard for a moment in time? And then have it, the feelings, hopefully float onto the page and away, to write another emotion, another experience and way of seeing, tomorrow? Or I could just blame it on the rain.

I really don’t know what’s with me lately except the weather has put everyone a bit on edge, and job pressure is huge and will continue to be so for at least a month, and I can’t ever seem to have a normal money month. So many unexpected expenses and I still need a lawn mower. I know, so why buy a new camera? It may be stupid and poor money management, but it’s been helpful in keeping me sane, or I should say, saner.

I toned the poem down quite a bit. The first draft was way bitter on the tongue but it sure was fun to write.

You’ll Be Okay
No one wants to hear
Really hear
What’s carried
In the heart
Don’t worry
You’ll be okay
Missing people
Who have already forgotten
As if you were nothing
Certainly they are right
And you were
The point you understand
Is for others to find 
What they seek
You help
The unravelling
As long as
They are happy
Never mind
Don’t complain
Don’t cry
You’ll be okay
Let Go
Let go
Don’t be selfish
Deserves to be happy
Aren’t you happy?
I want you to be
Happy, happy, happy
Can’t you tell
How much I care?
But don’t worry
No matter what happens
You’ll be okay
You are strong
You are talented
You don’t need
Don’t want
Really need
Do you?

Of course not
I didn’t think so
Even if you did
Don’t worry
You’ll be okay

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  1. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I do hope that life will be more positive and sunny for you very very soon.

    What gorgeous photos you take – those horses are just stunning!

  2. Love the beautiful horse photos…and I din’t even knnow about the bike expo dar! (I was at writers group anyway, beginning to edit these poems : ) )
    This poem is truth Maery. It’s your truth, and thats what makes it unique. Congrats on your 30 days of poem making…you have a lot a good poems here!

  3. Wow! So muh to comment on in this post…the poem..amazing! Touched me. Thanks!

    The horse breed photos…INCREDIBLE! It’s so challenging taking indoor action photos. Got any tips? Setting tips? They turned out so goooood!
    That Rocky Mountain Horse…can we take turns….I want it, too! πŸ™‚

    Wow! The shire!
    The Nokota photo gave me goosebumps. You captured the energy of rider and horse perfectly!

    And yes, Luke is waaaay cuter than that TW. That one is actually rather mule-like. Maybe you should consider showing off Luke someday in a breed parade? Fun!

    I loved the Rum River photo….wow! I want to walk into that photo. Nicely done!

    By the way, you may be getting rained on, but we’ve got the white stuff.

    Happy May 1st New Mexico!

    Yesterday it was 75 degrees here. I wore a t-shirt all day.
    We hadn’t had any snow since February. I kinda thought we were done with winter…..
    Last night the temps dropped down into the 40’s and we woke up this morning to snow…and it’s still falling and blowing. Brr!
    Winter’s last hurrah??

    Sure hope so!


  4. Oh! And I almost forgot to add that you did the whole ‘buying a new helmet’ thing all wrong, my friend.

    You know, you were supposed to try the helmet on naked….somehow it makes the helmet sexier and a must-have, must-buy-now sort of experience. LOL!

    Would the helmet folks have taken a trade for your clothes, perhaps? πŸ˜€


  5. Nice pics! I used to ride a little POA named PC (Partly Cloudy) and a friend of mine has a very nice Rocky Mountain Horse (although not quite a striking as the one in your picture.) And you are right – Luke is cuter!

  6. Lisa – If I had taken those photos with my old camera, most of them would have been blurry and grainy. It did not do well with action or low light and the two together? No way! So in this case, it’s the camera, not me. I haven’t figured out all the settings yet. We didn’t get snow but temps did drop into 30’s again. Bleh! The helmet sales guy was very pushy and I don’t deal well with that. I may pay the extra bucks for a helmet that is comfy and fun. I’ll be more willing to wear it all the time then. (When I say extra, I mean more that the $39 I paid last time.)

    Dog Geek _ That POA was gorgeous too but I’d never seen colors like that Rocky Mountain horse before and I’d read that they are a solid breed in mind and body.

  7. I so enjoyed all your marvelous pictures of the horses. Truly some beauties there.

    I enjoyed your poetry month…you do have a vast talent there.

    God bless your day sweetie! :o)

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