Duo Doggy Dreams

I did a very bad thing or a very good thing, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, I got a puppy.

I have no idea what she is, and it’s a little disconcerting to not know at all what I am dealing with, but you all know what a risk taker I am. The rescue group got her from a high kill shelter in Kentucky just a week ago. She came with another female litter mate, who from the looks of the two together, you would never guess they were related – different fur texture and color, and different facial features and paw size.

They are guessing she’s 4 months old. I’m guessing she’s younger, maybe 3 months. But I’m basing that on Java’s behavior at 4 months. Java was a much more developed dog. In other words, she understood walking on a leash, was super at riding in a car, and was more confident and relaxed, and did not have puppy poop.

Puppy attack! (that black thing is Java)

But Java was equally un-house trained. And this puppy may just be suffering from a great deal of change in a short amount of time and simply be a smaller breed with a different personality.

I was expecting more crying over her lost litter mate, but she seems to be doing okay with that, although there was a great deal of crying during the night, but I’ve been through much worse. At least she slept for 2 to 4 hours between whining fits that only lasted a few minutes.

She is funny and playful; her short-legged, piston run is downright hilarious.

Java’s not sure what she thinks yet. 

I think things will be better when the puppy gets bigger because right now, Java tends to overwhelm her and knock her down at times.

“Follow me!” says Java.

Picture puppy madly chasing Java; Java turning; puppy madly trying to run away from black, hairy missile bearing down on her.

There have been some food and toy disagreements but no biting or harm. Just solid warnings that the puppy has been smart enough to listen to.

This is what Shy thinks of the puppy so far.

I’m struggling with a name. I wanted to stay with the beverage theme and perhaps go to a tea. Roxanne at Champion of My Heart had suggested Chai when I was just having duo doggy dreams, and I loved that idea until I started to call the puppy and realized how much “Chai” sound like “Shy”, the cat’s name.

I’ve had a suggestion of “Venti”, a Starbucks coffee size, and Yerba, a type of herbal tea which I found described on one site as “a combination of lightly smoked wood, weak coffee and flavored hay.” Yum.

I have also considered Latte. I will have to try a few on for size. See how they sound when yelled across the back yard.

Prior to puppy arrival, I caught a few solo Java shots. Almost looks like Spring, doesn’t it?

But there is still a bit of snow around. Java was having a moment of indecision – bone or Frisbee?

Bone, definitely bone.

Then again…


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  1. Thanks for posting some photos so soon. Whatever you decide to name her, she looks like a real doll. Congratulations. I’m so jealous … I’ve been having such puppy cravings lately.

    And, personally, I like waiting a while to name a pup … so that you can match name to personality, etc.

  2. oh I love the puppy! (you may have to have a meet the puppy gathering) I have been having such puppy agnst myself…so sweet.
    More names…hmmm, how about:
    Hojica(green teas)
    Denali (the mountain)
    Kenai (the alaskan penninulsa)

    one day she’ll look at you and you will just know what to call her : )

  3. She is adorable Maery! Interesting…my first thought was Latte, so when you said that, I smiled. How about Brandy? It’s a little different theme, but it fits:-) Love the photo of Shy’s reaction! There’s a lotta love goin’ on over at your place:-)

  4. A sister for Java! Oh, I love a new puppy.

    Her one floppy ear & facial features reminds me a bit of a corgi but certainly a mix in there. Some terrier mix perhaps?

  5. I’m enjoying the name input. I never knew there were so many kinds of teas. I’m surprised no one has suggested Oolong. I’m worried that the pup might be fox terrier, jack russell, or some other kind of terrier that’s going to terrorize my cat, escape my fence and destroy my furniture. So far, she’s been easy to correct and very sweet, but she will definitely be crated when I’m gone.

  6. She is a cute thing, I was thinking of chamomille tea for calming? call her cammy for short? What ever you pick I’m sure it will work for her and you. Have fun!

  7. What a wonderful addition…it will be fun to watch her/your progress.
    I vote for Latte…of course, I’m a coffe fan.

  8. Very cute! I wonder if her ears will stand up eventually?
    My terrier does like to chase the cat when he can. I had to really work on that early on (ha.. and still do). She does have a terrier like front end. The big round eyes however look more corgi-ish. Whatever she is….she is adorable!

  9. Hi Maery..Cute puppy..I see Sheltie, Corgi and Jack Russell in her..all mixed up..whatever you name her will be perfect. It will be good for Java to have company..I do like Latte Dah as suggested by Lori S..cute name:)

  10. Hi Maery:

    I am new to your blog but not your name since we read 3 Dog Blog. Your mention of a puppy brought me over, I think Latte Dah is a darling and whatever mix she is you rescued her which is her blessing. My only regret about being old is that I probably have my last dog! Stella is my sweetie though and she looks something like Java,she is another rescue after three months in the slammer. It has taken a while, but she is doing very well.

    Cheers to all,
    Jo in MN, Up North

  11. OMGOMGOMG!!!! you adopted a PUPPY!!!! what FUN!!!!! She is beautiful! And Java and her seem so happy! I love the name Latte!

    How did I miss this? I am so sorry for the belated congratulations but I am truly thrilled for you!

    Woohoo! PUPPY BREATH!!! 🙂

  12. I cannot believe that I missed this news – I saw reference to it in one of your comments. I am thrilled for you. Puppies are SO much fun, and Java already looks pretty happy with her new buddy. I’ll have to read forward to find out what you decided to name her!

    Does she still have puppy breath?

  13. Stella – Welcome. Yes, I have seen you around. I have said that thing about age and last pet or horse a few animals ago. But I think they are what help keep us young and going, having that new life (or at least new to us) around and having something to take care of.

    Sue and KB – I’m not sure about puppy breath. There is some puppy smell but it’s not a good thing. I need to give the girl a bath. I like the corn chip paws on both my girls.

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