Swollen Lips and Rapping Dairy Farmers

I’m not sure what Java got in to, but the other night her lips swelled up huge! She was not a happy girl.

I was thinking it must have been some kind of bug bite or sting, although I thought bugs were dead or hibernating by now.

Java was scratching her face and ears so bad that her ears were getting red and they were bleeding a little. So I gave her one Benadryl. According to a vet site online, I should have given her two but I know how those things knock me out and I didn’t want to overdose her. I’ve since learned from my vet that Benadryl is pretty safe and I can’t kill my dog with two pills.

Neither of us got much sleep that night. I kept on getting up to check her breathing and heart rate and wondering whether I should make a trip to the 24 hour vet. Java seemed to be doing fine – the Benadryl helped quite a bit – so I kept trying to sleep, without much luck.

The swelling went down gradually, but Java’s ears still look pretty sore.

The skijoring club is swinging back into action with a workshop today and Sunday. Java has gotten stronger since last year so it should be interesting skiing behind her. Could it be that I’m wishing for snow?

Well, not yet, another month of above freezing temps would be nice, but I do hope for huge amounts after December, even though I don’t have a snowblower. I’m not looking forward to shoveling. I have way too many steps to my front door.

I found this Dairy Farm rap online. A must see! If this doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.

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  1. Woohoo!!! Rappers, cows and tractors, what’s not to love! This was great and did make me laugh.

    I’m so glad that Java is doin’ well, I can only imagine how scary it was for you. Do you think an allergy or a snake bite or something??? Poor thing.

    You have a wonderful weekend and pleas put off the snow thing for just a bit…I’m not allowin’ the ‘S’ word ’round here!!!

  2. Great banner photo. I love it!

    I’m glad that Java is OK. K has had a number of perplexing allergic reactions so I know how scary it is. Our vet finally gave us a syringe of steroids to give her if an allergic reaction gets out of control when our regular vet is closed. We both have a lot of experience giving shots so that works for us!

    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re looking forward to skijoring!

  3. Aww, poor Java ~ nothing worse than a dog with swollen lips! 🙂 The image is so strange. I hope she feels better. The idea of skijoring is so unsettling, as I have a difficult time staying upright all on my own. What a fun thing to do with Java though ~ a play date 🙂 Rapping about milk, gotta love it. Did you see the stupid commercial about Viagra done with a rap style? So wrong 🙁 Kathleen

  4. i love this video! and glad java’s okay. is it just me or are those farmers unusually attractive? maybe i’m just getting old enough that all 20-somethings seem really beautiful.

  5. Java’s swelling went done completely after about 28 hours. It’s a mystery. I did find one tick under her chin. Seems awfully late to be pulling ticks. It could have been something in the woods she got into or on our walk when she was sniffing leaves along the way. At least it wasn’t serious.

    Sue – I hear ya. 30-somethings aren’t bad either.

  6. Java must have had an allergic reaction to something..did she eat anything different? I had a dog that had this reaction to Beer Nuts..there muzzle swells so much that they look so strange. I have also had a dog that was allergic to his regular shots and had to have a special injection every times I took him to the vet.
    I hope it doesn’t happen again:)

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