Rain Down On Me

After only two days of supporting new software users, I’m exhausted. Today I had three people fighting over me to come fix problems or show them how to do something. Hectic, but it was nice to be able to help people figure things out. I love troubleshooting and solving problems! I wish I got to do it more.
I’ve discovered that walking on cement floors all day makes your feet hurt. When I stepped out of bed this morning it actually felt like the bottom of my feet were bruised.
And the rain! I feel like one of the early pioneer women stuck out on the prairie by herself being driven insane by the wind, only with me, it’s the constant rain. Which results in the mud!


Java likes the mud.

dog in puddle

Shy, not so much. She’s hiding out in one of the sheds.

cat hiding

I was hoping the hay would be delivered before I had to put more manure into the tractor bucket, but I had to clean out stalls to bring the horses out of the mud again. They were happy to come in and eat.

horse eating

I kept Java in the house today. Good thing because the kennel was about bent in half with the weight of the rain collected in the tarp. I don’t know how the tarps that come with kennels manage to not end up like this. Or do they? Maybe they have a framework of support that holds the tarp up and keeps the kennel pushed out. I’ll have to think about that one because this certainly won’t work with snow either.

kennel collapsing from rain

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  1. Hi Mary…I still have a half swamped sand arena and it just started to rain again. My horses have plenty of options during the day, to get out of the weather…but they are not always smart enough to do it.

    As for your feet, do you have the option of wearing reasonable shoes? I could not wear heels if my life depended on it.

    Thanks for your suggestions about driving Abbe. I know that I need time in the cart with SUPERVISION until I am more sure of myself and Abbe. Believe me, it’s a lot harder when the horse you are driving is not made.

    Good night!

  2. Hi Java… you like messin’ around in the mud just like me.. except our mud was caused by 4 inches of snow

    happy muck’n mire
    manker dog (and gp)

  3. Glad that Java likes the mud! Except, I bet that you’re getting tired of cleaning her off. I hope that the rain stops soon for all the critters’ sake!

  4. Ya, our weaning pen is knee deep and we had 2.5 inches yesterday and another 6 predicted over the next two days. We have to get the calves worked and moved out of that mud. NASTY!!!

    Here’s hoping that hay gets delivered ASAP! From mud swimmin’ in the Ozarks…Have a great day!!!

  5. Hi- hey isn’t Java’s kennel kind of under a shelter of some kind? If so- can you attach on side of the tarp to that roof so it’s completely slanted? That’s what we have to do when camping- somehow get on side/end higher so the water drains off.
    Good luck!

  6. Hi Mary, You need to re work that tarp so it sheds the water..instead of traps it. Some of them probably do have some framework..you could build some out of PVC pipe..it is easy to work with.
    We have lots of sand, so we don’t have mud..but it hasn’t stopped raining yet either.
    Hang in there, I hope the sun shines soon:)

  7. Lori – I am wearing my Nike Airs. The concrete would be even worse otherwise. As for driving, I think the size of what you are driving and how it handles can make for more of a challenge also. Hardest thing I drove – hay rack pulled by two Belgians. Easiest – two person cart pulled by a pony, which was a lot of fun to run around in. My stepdaughter, at age 5, loved the pony cart too.

  8. Sue and Far Side – Thanks for the tarp suggestions. The kennel is under the deck so I’m wondering if I can staple the middle to the underside of the deck and then secure the ends to the side of the kennel. It might work…

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