Where Did Spring Go?

When I saw my neighbor plowing the end of his driveway with his heavy duty snowblower and he looked like this:

I knew it did not bode well for me with my itty, bitty snowblower. And I was right. The snow was so wet, it was like trying to push your blower through a slushy. The icy, wet mixture completely clogged the blower paddle and shoot so nothing was spitting out.

I was about ready to sit in a snow bank and cry, thinking of how much pain my shoulders were going to be in if I had to shovel my very wide driveway completely by hand when, Tada! My neighbor took pity on this elderly woman and blew out my entire driveway for me while I shoveled the steps and hard to reach spots.

It amazed me the drastic change from having almost all the snow melted away to having up to 6 inch snow drifts in some spots.

Java was in her element but Latte was a bit reluctant to head outside. I mean the poor girl came from Kentucky and has only been here for a week. But she adapted.

I am thinking that the suggestions that Latte may have some Welsh Corgi, Jack Russell, and perhaps some Sheltie in her might have merit. Are any of those breeds known for tooting? Maybe that and the hiccups are just a puppy and adjusting to new food and surroundings thing.

I’ve had such easy going dogs – no chewing on furniture, socks, shoes or anything but their own toys; no scratching at doors or cupboards; they went into their kennel, bathtub or wherever I wanted them by simply pointing; and they slept without whimpering all night long.

In other words, I’ve been utterly spoiled and Latte Da is giving me a run for my money and challenging me to search for information on housetraining, crate training, and avoiding household destruction training.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s not bad. She’s pretty typical. It’s my other dogs that have been freaks.

I’m kind of excited about learning more about clicker training and improving my training techniques with both dogs, but it’s difficult with being gone at work all day. I’ve been running home at noon this week but I can’t keep that up every day so I’m looking for doggy daycare to use until she’s able to go for longer periods of time without relieving herself. Right now, she goes about every two hours!

If anyone has any recommendations about books or videos on training puppies and dogs, I’d love to hear about them.

The class I took with Java helped me understand a few things but there were many things we didn’t actually practice enough and so it just didn’t click with me (pun intended).

Plus I’m debating about whether to get a smaller crate for Latte that I can use in the car. It’s between that and a waterproof cover for the back of the Mini, but the smaller crate might also be better for crating her at night and during the day.

The Java sized crate I have might be too big. I just wish I knew how big Latte’s going to get. It’s hard to spend a lot of money on something the dog may possibly outgrow in a month.

(She likes my Carhartt insulated bib overhauls. She has good taste.)

I appreciate Java’s efforts to wear Latte out so she sleeps at night but I still end up taking her out a couple times during the night.

It will get better I’m sure — in about nine months.

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  1. Thank you neighbor!

    So glad you are calling the pup Latte Da. It works. I don’t think it will take you nine months to potty train her. I have so many extra crates…sorry I can’t send you one. Go to a goodwill store and see if they have any…just bleach it out. I agree with you on her breed makeup and doubt if she will be half as big as Java. Look at her feet. It’s very thoughtful of you to go home at noon…I always did that too. I’m such a mush, I would have trouble putting her in a smaller kennel. That’s a very long day.Do you still have your kennel? Maybe that will work when the weather breaks. Let’s hope spring returns.

  2. My favorite pic is the two of them walking side by side through the snow:-) They look so sweet together and Java has such a great smile when they are cuddled up. So glad the neighbor rescued you:-) We should celebrate your birthday when I return home from my grandma duties in St. Louis!

  3. Yes– birthday! I love the pic of them laying in your house together. It looks like Latte and Java are already good pals. 🙂 Goodwill is a good suggestion. They got out old crate when our last dog passed.

  4. Lori – Yes, I’ve thought about checking places like Goodwill but know that’s pretty hit and miss. I’m mainly looking for smaller for car transport. I’ll still use the bigger one during the day and hope to get her in doggy daycare as soon as I receive her health records.

    Kathleen & Sue – I really like the photo of the two walking outside and laying together too. As soon as Kathleen returns, let us eat cake!

  5. Oh I love the Latte Da name..it suits her! Latte Da and Java are fast friends I can tell! What fun for Java!
    Each pup is different..some chew more than others..some toot a bit more on certain foods than others.
    I don’t think that she is going to get much bigger..maybe a little..does she still have her puppy teeth? They usually lose them at about 4 months old.
    With dubious parentage..you never really can tell how big they will be..but I do think she will be just a little Latte Da!
    yes the snow sucked big time..I was able to snowblow..but what heavy wet snow it was:( 🙂

  6. I’m glad your neighbor jumped in and saved your shoulder!!! It’s great to have good people livin’ close.

    I had to giggle when I read Latte Da…it’s quite fittin’ for her!

    A smaller cage would work better for ya on the go. She looks like a dog that will stay on the small side.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

  7. With Java to lead, Latte will progress faster then you think.

    They are so cute,romping, playing together…enjoy!

    Your pictures are great. I like your view of life around you.

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