I’m hoping that the pain and hurt is on a bell curve and I’m hitting the peak. If so, I will soon start my journey down the other side of the bell and this will all become a more manageable ache.
~ Mary Olson

Java and I ran some errands this morning, which took longer than I planned. It was about noon before we finally got to the park for our walk. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

Lately I seem to have a choice of either wasting away my entire day trying to get everything organized before I go anywhere, or just cut myself off from my ponderings and go, so I at least do something instead of just thinking about doing something.

So Java and I ended up at Crow Hassan park, where I took Luke last Saturday. Besides having no camera, we also had no carryable water. The water wouldn’t have been a big deal. I rarely carry water. But we ended up walking about five miles on sand, mostly through prairie, and in full sun. It appears dog paths go in the most unscenic, undesirable walking areas in the park. Java picked up many stickers along the way that I had to keep pulling out of her paws.

When we got back to the car, both of us downed pretty much all the water I’d brought with us.

I didn’t want to just go home, so I took a scenic drive this way and that, looking at some of the horse places nearby to see if they boarded. We ended up near the state forest, where I’ve taken Luke before. I decided to go check out the lake and camping area that you can’t go near on horseback.

Java and I went down by the lake and walked on some of the foot paths through the woods. We didn’t walk very far because I was still dying for more water.

On the way home, I stopped at a neighboring corn stand and bought what I thought was six ears of corn. But when I got home, I saw that the kid had given me nine ears. I suppose because some were kind of small.


I microwaved a few cobs in a dish and they were scrumptious — sweet and crunchy.

This evening, I did the first drawing I’ve done since April. I quit drawing after the divorce declaration. My drawing in April was of a few people I saw in the airport as I waited to fly home, where H had been very busy planning his new life while I was visiting my son and sister for five days. What a welcome home surprise that was.

drawing at airport

I drew Java tonight. It’s not very good but that’s not the point. The point is I’m surfacing.

drawing of dogHmmm… The way I did this art journal page, it looks like Java wrote and signed it. She actually didn’t though. And the pensive look on her face is just that she’s dozing off. Thought I’d clarify that…

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  1. Your Java drawing is great! I wish I could draw that well!
    Sounds like you had a great walk with Java, I love going on long walks like that. So relaxing and refreshing.

  2. Surfacing is a good thing. I’m glad that you’re drawing again, and that you and Java got out for a nice hike, even without the water.

  3. Sounds like you had a great walk! Glad to hear you are returning to things that you enjoy. Maybe it’s time to buy a sketchbook. Take it, and some water, out with you on your next adventure! 🙂

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