Hot Fun in the Summertime

It was a mindblowingly hot weekend for early June in Minnesota. I don’t do well with heat and humidity – I get migraines — so if this weekend’s weather was any indication of how most of the summer is going to go, I’m in big trouble.

But there was some relief. And no, I didn’t drink all of this myself. It was a shared taste test and wasn’t consumed all on the same day (just to set your mind at ease).

I find it very amusing how beer has changed. The variety is mind-boggling. Believe it or not, the Banana Bread Beer was excellent. But of course, the best was the Double Chocolate Stout.

The Brooklyn Brown Ale I had because it reminded me of my trip to New York and being with my son. The Rascal’s Wild Red Raspberry Beer was interesting but too sweet and wine coolerish for me.

I prefer my beer dark and full bodied (said with much lip smacking and a connoisseurish accent).

The Brew Babes (refers to coffee brew not beer) have their own technique for staying cool.

There’s a new pool in town, as Latte chewed a hole through last year’s pool and it was too small anyway.

Now they have a big pool where even I can join them (or at least my feet).

So how do you beat the summer heat? 

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  1. Chance has a pool too..he loves it. Me..I turn on the air..or squirt down my shirt with a hose outdoors. It looks like the Brew Babies like their pool! 🙂

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