One Thing After Another

I wasn’t going to blog today, but it has been quite a day and I have to unload on someone. Lucky you.

First off, it was pouring rain this morning, which is a good thing because it’s been so dry here. But does a whole years worth of rain have to come down all at once?

rain storm

It was such a mess outside, I ran out and fed the horses in the barn and figured I’d let them out when the rain let up some.

As long as it was raining and my trail riding plans were washed up, I decided it was a good day to houseclean and do some paperwork. But before I started vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms, I thought I should give Java a bath because she’s been smelling less than desirable lately. That way, I could clean up any hair she left in the bathroom while I was cleaning anyway. But first I wanted to brush Java so she wouldn’t put a ton of hair down the drain.

There’s no end to the hair I can pull out of the dear girl, but I figured this was good enough. I had to cut some clumps out too.

dog hair

I got Java all washed and beautified and saw that the rain was letting up, so I went to let out the horses. On the way back to the house, I noticed a frog in the pool.

I fished him out with a net. Then I found a toad in the skimmer and fished him out too. Are you getting the feeling I frequently get distracted from what I was intending to do? Yeah, me too. And it gets better.


While I was doing that, Java went swimming in the pool. She’s discovered the cuddle cove is a good place to swim to and rest.

dog in pool

Before swimming around some more.

dog in pool

I blockaded the deck, gave Java a chew to work on while she dried off, and proceeded to clean the bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

dog on deck

When I went back to the deck to get Java, I found she had jumped over the blockade and was back swimming in the pool. So much for drying off.

dog swimming

I decided to chain her below the deck where it was cooler until she could dry off again. I went to get the chain from the front yard and as I walked past some of the bushes in front, I saw some weeds and started pulling the biggest ones.

I felt something stinging my leg and ignored it because I thought I was just brushing against some branches. But the stinging got worse and I looked down and there were a bagillion ants attacking my legs. I must have disrupted them when I pulled the weeds.

You cannot fathom the enormous swarm of frantic ants from my photo but believe me, it was like something out of a horror movie! I had to take off my shoes and socks to get rid of all of them.


By this time, it was already 2:00. I certainly was not getting as much done as I had planned on. I was all hot and itchy so I decided to go swimming. The pool was 79 degrees. That sounded okay. NOT! Really, really cold!

Java could not understand what all the “AAAGHHH! GEEZE LOUISE! THAT’S COLD!” yelling was all about. She thinks the pool is just fine.

I took a shower, did a little more cleaning, then got ready to go see an early movie and go out to dinner with some friends. We saw “Julie and Julia”, which was very funny. Then we went out for dinner. It wasn’t exactly French cooking like in the movie, but we were happy with our food and wine.

It was a very nice evening but when I got home, it was getting really dark out and there were storm warnings. I had been planning on leaving the horses out for the evening so I hadn’t cleaned their stalls, but there were predictions of hail so I figured I should bring them in.

The stalls were horrible because Luke and Murphy had been in so long and while I was trying to clean them, the sirens went off. So even though I wasn’t done cleaning the stalls, I tried to get the horses in. The horses came into the barn, but ran right back out again and so did Java. By this time it is pouring rain, plus hailing and I can’t find Java and the sirens are still going and I’m starting to panic.

When I was trying to close the door to the stall where I keep the grain, the door came off the track. More frustration. More yelling for Java above the deafening sound of rain pounding on the barn’s tin roof.

Java finally came running into the barn, and I got the horses into their still disgusting stalls. I fed the horses and cleaned around them as best I could.

I’m calling it a day now. I hope tomorrow goes a little more smoothly because I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a day you had! Your weather sounds terrible. Here I am complaining about not getting rain and how dusty it is. But if and when it rains, I will complain about it! Ah!
    Java is so silly! I love how she kept wanting to get in the pool!
    Hope tomorrow gets better for you!!

  2. I wondered about you last night. We got hit hard too. Lot’s of downed limbs all over the yard…still cleaning up. We spent a good part of the evening after I got home, in the basement, with the bird…who hadn’t a clue what we were doing, so he kept making his kissy what’s going on noise.
    It’s funny how much Java loves to swim!

  3. Paint Girl – Well, I am thankful for the rain. Today was a better day. Java does love that pool. Must be the Golden Retrieve in her.

    Lynn – I had to quick change clothes and race outside to take care of the horses. Kind of lost that whole relaxed mood we had going. I never did bother with the basement.

  4. Hey Mary…I’m loving your posts. Your dog has a lot of spunk! Hope the rain helps your grass grow…Relax!I don’t recall a time when EVERYTHING was done. There is always something. What’s with the hail all over this country?

  5. Goodness – I hope you had a better time on Sunday! I just bought a Furminator, and boy, if I thought I got a lot of hair off the animals before… yikes! I think I got about as much hair in your photo off of my 7 pound cat! Twice!

  6. Lori – Things are looking a lot greener now. I hope to let my horse out into the pasture tomorrow.

    Dog Geek – I’ll have to look up that Furminator if it means more hair off the dog and less loose hair floating around the house.

  7. We got rain too, way too much at once..but summer finally arrived!It sounds like you had a DAY..whats up with those must have been all the dry weather, I ran into a bunch of them too, mine were in a tree and they ended up in my hair..strange. I am loving all your horse stories! 🙂

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