I worked from home today. Hard to concentrate at times because I keep noticing loose hair on Java that obsessively have to pull out.

Java hair pull

But working at home is nice because there is no drive time so once I’m done working, I can get some stuff done.

I went to a greenhouse a couple miles away from home. I was hoping to find three types of tomatoes to plant in containers. What I found was one grape tomato plant and a yellow pepper plant. I’ll need to go to another greenhouse to find what I was looking for.

I was also looking for some annuals to put in five containers around the pool. I’m trying to make things look nice for when the house is shown. Well, and also to look nice for me. It’s been hard to do anything around the house that I generally do to summerize and make things pretty. Hell, it’s been hard to even clean the house. It doesn’t feel like my home anymore.

Pool planter

But it was nice to buy some plants and play in the dirt and such. It’s always healing to grow something. Besides, in the unlikely occasion that I have to be out of the house before summer is over, I can always take the plants with me.

It was into the 90s today and very humid. Not the best weather to be out in the sun doing garden work. But the sun kind of bakes the bad stuff out of me. And after getting really sweaty and dirty, I can go swimming. Aaahhh…

I swim laps while Java runs along side me. About every other lap, she jumps in and goes after me and of course, scratches me with her nails, while I try to direct her back out of the pool.

I discovered that Java has a toy stash out in the yard. She has a rock, stick, hunk of carpet, and frisbee all neatly arranged under a pine tree. Silly girl..


With the humidity and heat, come the gnats in all their glory. They cause so much more damage to the horses than the flies do. Luke is showing signs of fly or mosquito bite bumps.

Horse bug bite bumps

Both horse have scabs and bleeding from burrowing gnats. The photos don’t do justice to the carnage.

Gnat bites
Gnat bites

I put on Equi-Spot because I read some people were having luck fighting bugs with it. I don’t think anything works on repelling gnats and I still saw a number of flies going after my boys.

The best thing I’ve found for the gnats is petroleum jelly. It doesn’t repel the gnats, but they can’t get through the goo. If they try, they just stick and die.

Anti-bug treatments

Take that you nasty buggers!

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  1. Bugs are so miserable. The fly predators we have been using have helped so much! We have a fly or two around, but nothing like before! It is amazing how the predators really work!
    I hope you find something that helps, I hated seeing my horses with the bites all over them!
    Java is a silly girl, love how she piles all her toys up! Very cute!

  2. Gnats are the absolute grossest! Well, ticks are a little grosser, and deer flies the most disturbingly persistent, but the way gnats drill a hole into you and chow down is really disgusting. Poor horsies! : /

  3. we get bees here… DH got bucked off coupla years ago when a bee got in whistler’s proverbial bonnet..

    sit down and ride

  4. Ah, I am an obsessive tuft puller, too! L is the only dog I have ever had who gets little tufts that must be pulled out. I catch myself following him around trying to snatch tufts of fur off his backside. I don’t think he appreciates it, but I can’t help myself!

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