More Biking (and lots of eating)

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.  
~Irish Blessing

Gotta love the Irish. They have the best poems, prayers, sayings, and songs.

I took the day off today. Originally, I was planning on a trip to the state fair. Then I thought I’d rather go on a nice, peaceful bike ride. Then I discovered it was going to be in the 90s today with wind gusts up to 34 mph. 

So a friend and I chose to go on a bike ride on a city trail, thinking it would be shielded from the wind.

We started out on the Midtown Greenway. It runs from West River Parkway (along the Mississippi River) to the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Like many bike trails it is built on an old rail corridor.

We didn’t ride long before I decided I needed breakfast. A bit off the Greenway, we stopped at Uncommon Grounds and got scones and coffee and a free sample of chocolate cake. Yum!

The owner told me all about the woman who originally owned the house before he bought it and converted it into a coffee shop. He said he found wood in the attic that he made the coffee bar out of, and he assured us that no bike parked at the coffee shop has ever been messed with. I love it when people talk to me like this. It feels like such a privilege to me when people share a part of their story. Plus I just plain find these kind of stories about places and people darn interesting.

After re-entergizing, we rode back to the Greenway until we got to Lake of the Isles.


There are amazing houses around the chain of lakes. 


I loved the horse sculpture at this one. I wonder if it was one of Heather Jansch’s driftwood sculptures. I’m not sure the pink flamingo by the horse and on the roof of the house quite fit the decor.

After riding around Lake of the Isles, we started riding around Lake Calhoun. But it wasn’t long before I was getting hungry and thirsty again. Did I mention it was in the 90s?

I spotted a Whole Foods, where we stopped for sandwiches and beverages. Have you ever tried this “Unpeeled” stuff? Full of probiotics, enzymes, kombucha green tea (don’t ask me), cold-pressed fresh crushed raw ingredients and barrel aged. All I know is that it tasted good with my chicken sandwich.

Back to the lakes and more circling before starting back on the Greenway. We were almost back at my truck but I had to stop for a Sebastion Joe’s ice cream cone at the Freewheel bike center. The pavarotti flavor was scrumptious. I’m not sure what it was but it tasted like butterscotch with chocolate chips to me.

Of course, after the ice cream cone, I felt I needed to bike further so we rode to the other end of the Greenway and went a ways on the West River Parkway before turning around and heading back to the truck.

There were a couple long uphill climbs on the return trip and the gusts of wind about knocked me sideways. By the time we reached the truck, my face felt like it was on fire, but boy, I had fun!

However I was covered with a lovely, fine layer of grit from what the wind threw at me. It felt pretty good to wash it off. I suppose a shower would have done a better job, but a soak in the tub sounded so much better. Besides, I hadn’t tried out the jacuzzi since I moved in. The bath salts helped soothe some soreness from the bike climbs and a couple bruises from my one spill. I got a little too close to the curb.

I’d forgotten how much I love exploring places by bike. I don’t plan on forgetting again.

p.s. I saw a young buck in my back yard this morning. He was small but had a couple branches to his horns so I’m guessing he was maybe two. Between the magic monarchs on Saturday and the buck sighting this morning, I’m feeling four leaf clover lucky indeed.

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  1. Ah, tis a blessing to be Irish. Our food isn’t much to brag about, but we love our words:-) It sounds like you had a great ride. Stopping for nourishment along the way is the best part of the ride; the people you meet when you stop and the different foods you sample ~ it’s all good. I like what you said about feeling like it is a privilege to listen to people’s stories. That is so true. Of course, that is why they tell you their stories, because they can feel that trust. What a nice compliment to you. You sound great. Ride on Maery. Kathleen

  2. Woo Hoo!!! Another bike convert! It sounds like your are more of a re-initiate than a newbie, but *yay* anyway! (Jacuzzi?? Nice!)

  3. You sure know how to take a great day off! Those scones look amazin’! It’s been ages since I’ve made any.

    I’ve never tried the “Unpeeled” stuff but I make Kombucha mushroom tea and drink it twice a day. It is chucked full of many health benefits.

    After a hard day on the Ponderosa I love to jump in the pool and swim some laps then come in a hop in my jacuzzi tub. It really helps my ancient muscles.

    You really sound great girl. It just makes just want to do the happy dance! :o)

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  4. Kathleen – I’m half Irish but grew up in a Polish household so I don’t know more about being Polish than Irish. I do think I have a wee bit of the temper though and do love a storytelling and storylistening.

    Lori – They’re too big to be as cute as the ones you show in your town, but some of what old wealth has built is very interesting.

    Sue – I used to spend whole days riding around getting lost. I felt very adventurous. The helmet does make me want to ride every chance I get so I can wear it.

    Nezzy – I may have to look out that Kombachu tea and how to make it. Then maybe I’ll have as much energy as you do.

    Far Side – There is just so much else going on to enjoy. The fair will have to wait until next year.

    Roxanne – I think I could handle living in any one of the houses around the lakes. I can’t believe anyone can possibly have that much money!

  5. Loved the tour of the greenway Maery. I’ve heard people talk about it but never have been there…thanks!
    Love the last photo of the two bikes…cute.

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