Vacation Wrap Up

So as not to drag things out too long, I better wrap up and show the rest of my camping photos. How can there be so many photos in just 3 days? Amazing!

Here’s a few pics of the Baptism River.

This is a suspended (bouncy) bridge that crosses over it.
And there were a series of waterfalls.

And this is the point where the river empties into Lake Superior.
And here is Lake Superior, in all it’s magnificence.
I searched high and low for the queen of agates, but amongst all the rocks, I only found baby agates. I tend to find nicer agates at home in the river rock landscaping around the house.
I admired the tenacity of this little cliff dwelling tree.
And this branch just caught my eye.
This was the view on the drive home. Thank goodness we had good weather while we were camping.
Of course, this was perfect weather to stop and have coffee, soup and pie at Betty’s Pies. Sorry no photos as I gobbled the food up way too fast.

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  1. Lake Superior is beautiful. The great lakes are all special…I’ve spent time on Lake Erie when I was a kid, and now we live 20 minutes from Lake Ontario.

    Hope all is going well with the house hunt/po.

  2. Lori – It is one of my favorite areas to visit. It was so peaceful listening to the waves and waterfalls. The crows were a little obnoxious.

    It’s been over about 48 hours since I made an offer and sellers are not responding. I didn’t low ball them either. Very frustrating!

  3. you were in my favorite favorite favorite favorite part of the world. love the fog. love the tree coming out of the cliff. love the baptism river.

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