Boarding for Horses… Check!

Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere, wholeheartedly, one-directionally, without regret or reservation. 
— William H. Sheldon

I found a great place to board my horses! Huge sigh of relief. It’s farther out than I had planned but worth the drive.

I think the most important thing about a boarding facility is the person running it and I really like this lady. She’s easy to talk to, helpful, compassionate and she has three dogs, one of which is named Willow, same as my old dog was named. I mentioned my willow tree tattoo in honor of my dear girl, she showed me her tattoo of a beloved horse. It was meant to be.

Oh, and she takes photos of owners horses when they are doing something amusing and sends it to the owners so they can see what their horse is up to. She showed me some of them. Now that’s someone who hasn’t burned out on taking care of horses and dealing with boarders. So different from many places I’ve boarded at in the past.

I wanted so bad to take photos of the stable but thought I better wait until my horses are there and I have a better excuse than “Your place is awesome!”

She and her husband have the sweetest house. It looks like a cabin out in the woods and it’s as cute inside as it is outside. Not very big, but exactly the kind of place I’d like to live in, with lots of rustic wood and a loft overlooking the living room, a warm cozy place.

There’s an outdoor and indoor riding arena, a few trails through the woods, and a spot to park my trailer. She takes in a maximum of 12 horses so it’s low key. Boarders are a mix of dressage, cow horses, and everyone trail rides. They even take some group trips so I might finally have some trail riding buddies.

My horses will stay outside most of the time, but are brought into a stall to eat their grain and brought in if the weather gets wet and cold. I can bring my own grain so I don’t have to worry about switching them to something new.

So now I just need to find a place to board myself. How hard can it be? Gulp…

I let the horses out in the pasture all this week. Might as well give them some fun time before they are moved to a dirt paddock. It is so luscious and green. Even Java wants to graze.

I’ll miss these moments.
But there will be new moments, different, but good. 
I can just hear Murphy thinking, “What ya eatin’? Can I have some?” (Actually, Murphy is not that polite.)
And there will continue to be Java antics.
And pretty portraits.
And hey! Someone brought boxes to church for me today! And there was graduation cake!
It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. Congrats on finding an ideal boarding facility. Different, yes. But sounds like in a good way. And just think, when the rest of us go thru another winter from hell, someone else will be chopping ice for your horses! LOL! I know, small consolation.

    I think your friend Sue is very smart. I loved what she said about you finding a place. She is spot on! Good luck.

  2. Progress. Glad to read that you are taking both horses. The photos are terrific! No grass at the new place?
    I see hand grazing in your future. Willow…it’s a sign for sure.

  3. Good, you can let your worries rest about one thing on your checklist. It sounds like a great place!

    I missed a lot in your life while I was on vacation and had intermittent periods of no internet. I didn’t know that you had to move this summer…

    But, your friend Sue is right – she is very smart! Also, I have this niggling feeling that starting anew might be a good thing for you, as hard as it might be.

    Hang in there!

  4. This is wonderful news, I hope the boarding place works out well for you! No pasture..the horses will miss that..the photos are so green..they look like they are enjoying themselves.

    Well this is one thing to check off the list!! A place for you and Java is next:)

  5. Fantastic! I am sure that is a big relief to you. One big thing that you do not have to worry about. I am sure you will also find the “right” place for you and Java.

  6. Tammy – Yes, I will be happy not to be trudging out to the barn on those icy winter mornings.

    Lori – Murphy going to the boarding place is just temporary. Hopefully, I’ll find an owner who actually will ride and do something with him. There is a little pasture on the property, but not much, not near what they have now.

    KB – I hope you had a good vacation. I’m hoping to stop by your blog and catch up soon. The sale just happened suddenly. I hope this starting over thing works out for the best.

    Far Side – I’m looking for that place that calls mine and Java’s name. A fenced in yard would be a good starting point.

    Jill – It is good to have one less things to search for so I can focus on living quarters for Java and I. Oh, and packing. Yuck!

  7. I am so happy that you found a place to board your horses!! The place sounds wonderful and an indoor arena! Perfect! Trail riding buddies! Even more perfect!
    Your grass is so green and beautiful!! Actually my grass is really green too, but I don’t have as beautiful of pasture’s as you!!
    Lovin’ that Java, as usual! She is the cutest!

  8. Wow! You’re so close now. Yay for finding a place to board the horses. I already miss your lovely lush grass, though, and I’m not even a horse. lol!
    My horse lives on a dirt paddock and a weedy, thinly grassed pasture. I wish I had grass that beautiful as yours. wow!


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