Oh Fiddle Sticks

It was one of those days where I just started out feeling weighed down. The kind of day when I know I just need to keep moving.

Java and I went to the bank so I could get some cash before stopping by a pottery show, at a my friend Sue’s neighbor’s house.

I really wanted a set of four cereal-size bowls that were on display, but they were more than I could afford. Some of Sue’s artwork was at the pottery show also. I really love the reindeer and reincats she’s created and they’d be great on my mantle for Chistmas, but I wanted something I could wear more than something I could put on a shelf and I couldn’t have both.

I didn’t see any of Sue’s necklaces on display at the neighbor’s so I walked through the woods, over to Sue’s welding studio and bought the necklace below. The “O FDL STX” was a mild way of expressing my feelings.

Sue Seeger necklace

The necklace was a bit over-shadowed by the fuzzy peace sign on the shirt I was wearing today. I love the necklace and the fact that Sue made it.

peace sign

After visiting with Sue for awhile, Java and I went to a vacuum cleaner place and dropped off my old vacuum for repair. It sounds like it will cost a minimum of $50 to repair it. I told the guy, if it’s not worth the amount of money it will take to repair, I’d prefer to put the money toward a new one. So he’ll be letting me know.

As long as I was near to TJ Maxx, I decided to stop in to look for some pants. The whole folded over waistband, baggy butt, two sizes too big look needs to go but I couldn’t find one pair of pants there. I did get three long-sleeve shirts however, for $32, which I didn’t think was bad.

Then I went and bought some groceries. Dropped those off at home and Java and I went for a walk at the park. All that running around wore both of us out.

dog sleeping

I’m hoping for a sunnier day tomorrow, both externally and internally.

My story is running into a few technical difficulties. I’m trying to figure out how my main character, Lucy, is going to wrestle a Remington pump action shotgun away from her husband, who just shot her dog with it, jump into the truck with said shot gun, keeping said husband away by pointing the gun at him. Then Lucy somehow has to get the truck door closed and speed away while pulling a horse trailer. Of course, her husband will easily be able to follow her and it’s not like she can take sharp turns or speed away towing a couple horses. Yet, I want her to get away without resorting to calling the police, as that would take the characters into court and all, which is not where I wanted to go. But what else can she do?

I don’t know. That might work. Just thinkin’ out loud here…

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  1. Hmmm, perhaps Lucy could temporarily disable her husband somehow, enough to slow him down? Kick him in the crotch? Maybe during the struggle for the gun, he loses his balance and hits his head, and it takes him an extra few seconds to get up? Maybe Lucy fires a warning shot to keep him back, and it hits his car so that he can’t follow?

    I hope we get to read the whole story someday!

  2. OK…how about this. Using the gun, she forces her husband into the basement (or another place) and locks the door before she takes off. Too bad she doesn’t have some handcuffs to hook him to something. As soon as she gets in the car she should call the police and say she is being followed by a car so they can catch him.

    This would be such fun.

  3. I’m with the Dog Geek. I think that Lucy needs to disable her husband somehow. Disable his vehicle, break his glasses (make him almost blind without them), or something.

    And, please let the dog survive, even if he doesn’t regain his strength and stop the bad man right then. He/she needs to survive for the sake of my soul!

  4. Java looks totally wore out, poor baby. Hope ya fared better. Love the necklace, it makes me giggle.

    Have a great day…you and Java get some rest!!!

  5. Thanks for visiting me Maery! I think she could get the gun by a knee to the nads/kick in the side of the head move, then he’d be down and she could take his keys and fling them into the woods or take them with her or something. If she really gets him down for a brief count, she could grab the dog too– who will survive right? RIGHT??

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