Step Away from the Bone

Confusion and chaos are signs of the old structures of life breaking down so 
that something new can emerge. There is nothing inherently unspiritual in feeling confused. In fact, growth may not be possible without periods of chaos. ~ Mark Thurston

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a heck of a day. But never mind. Deep breath and move on. Wait a minute. Another deep breath. Okay. I’m good.

I had an awesome Monday. I went with a friend to a meeting with the lead people of a neighborhood magazine and interested contributors. Granted, it wasn’t my neighborhood, but I still have some ideas that they might be interested in and I got a little practice with networking and handing out my card.

And I got to visit a couple cool restaurants — the Kitty Cat Klub and the Loring Pasta Bar –that I’d never been to before but “I will return!”

But this is Brew Babe blog day! I caught the pups in a bit of a stick and bone romp mood. Not much to say. Just enjoy…

Step away from the bone… I need to get this look down to use at work…

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  1. Yep, that’s one look ya wouldn’t mess with alright!!!

    Great pics of the ‘Brew Babes’ at play with their treasures.

    God bless and have yourself an awesome day!!!

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