Hey! I Mean Hay!

I’ve only got 10 bales of hay left and my hay farmer is sold out. I’m leaving messages with all the phone numbers I keep in a folder but everyone must be watching football. If any of you Minnesotans know of someone selling decent grass/alfalfa mix or even all grass hay, please let me know as I’m already way too stressed out to have this worry too.

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  1. Maery Rose. I sure hope you find some. If worse comes to worse, they would love hay cubes (soaked with water). I get alfalfa cubes and it costs less than hay (just for one horse who wads her hay…can’t chew it..old age). Your Thanksgiving looked great, and you make some nasty bread…am I impressed or what?
    The memories of your Dad that you shared with us were great…a cowboy indeed.

  2. Sorry I don’t know anyone to help ya! I do hope you find some soon….it’s a pain to stress about finding hay! We have that issue in the winter, and have to spend more money to get what we can get. It’s hard to pay $16 a bale in the winter!

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