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Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas on my story. You brought up some things I hadn’t thought of. If Lucy doesn’t totally space out and panic, she could lock her husband in his trunk or shoot out his tires or something. But this isn’t the point yet where she’s that strong. She’s still very much afraid so I’ll have to think about how much she’d be able to fight back.

Part of what I want to do with the story and why I had Lucy’s dog be shot is that I want to show how abusive men will sometimes use a woman’s love for her animals to control her and punish her if she doesn’t do what he wants her to do.
About 27 years ago, I had my cat thrown against a wall (she was okay, I was not) and my dog was “taken to the pound” while I was gone from home, riding my horse. I never found the dog.
Valuing life means valuing all life. People who are abusive to animals are generally abusive to people too. Both offenses need to be taken seriously as I believe they are connected. Not that I needed to tell any of you that…
My son called me today. He’s excited about making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for his friends, who will bring something to share too. He’s REALLY looking forward to eating a lot of food! I don’t think that happens very often. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to watch the meal preparation.
Like I’ve said before, I love hearing about what my son is doing. He makes me very proud.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more strongly with your comments about valuing all life. I see why your story is set up the way it is, even if it’s painful.

    Very fun to think of your son preparing a whole thanksgiving meal!

  2. Spoken like a proud mama.

    I agree with your take on life. Abusers know just how to push the buttons that cut the deepest.

    God has blessed me with a loving tender husband but my dad, though he never hit me, could cut me to the ground with his words. He had raised a fist like he was going to punch me but it never went beyond the always critical hurtful words.

    Have a great day and your story will fall into place just the way you want it to.

    Have a beautifully peaceful day!!!

  3. A good friend of mine was once married to an abusive alcoholic who threatened to cut her dog’s throat when she had hidden his car keys. After he moved out, he came back one day while she was at work (he still had a key) and he took *everything* – including her dog, which he apparently dumped out in the country many miles away. The dog was eventually picked up by animal control and taken to a local shelter (alas, not local to my friend, though) where it was pulled by breed rescue. Someone with the rescue thought they recognized the dog’s breeding, and contacted the breeder they thought the dog might have come from. The breeder took the dog back immediately and contacted my friend, who was overjoyed, but decided in the end to let the breeder rehome the dog, because she was too fearful for the dog’s life if she should take him back.

  4. I always feel vulnerable on my pet’s behalf. That would be a sure way to inflict major damage on me or anyone who has a pet. I can’t wait to see you to “act-out” my little struggle for you. I have it all mapped-out. (what a psycho, i know)

    As for Lain– so cool! It’s neat he so values his connection to the people in his life. That shows you did something right!

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