Taking a Break

I’m a hug and kiss in the morning girl.
I’m a spoon in bed
smell his neck at night
and know the world is okay kind of lady.
I’m a sleep with my nose
buried in his t-shirt
for a month after he leaves kind of wife.

I’m taking this one-gal-act offline for awhile. I don’t know how long. I just don’t want to keep repeating the same laments over and over again. I never want to become predictable.

There’s been stuff lately that has hit hard and the holidays are closing in and I think it’s time to go off into the desert and try to regroup.

But I will keep following what’s going on in your lives and be there to cheer you on.

And if I take any amazing photos that I can’t resist sharing, I’ll pop in for that too.

St. Louis River

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  1. Hi Mary, I hope you take some amazing photos so you come back soon. You know I didn’t feel that you were stuck on the same ole thing..you cannot change how you feel ..you are who you are and I think you were making progress! I will be thinking of you! 🙂

  2. I will MISS you my friend. I never get tired of reading your posts. Hope you are okay. We will be here no matter what. Please take care of yourself, and pop in to say hi once in awhile! HUGS!!!

  3. Mary, I hope your time away is productively short lived. You will be missed and we are all looking forward some amazing photos. I was off for 5.5 days and it drove me batty! OK, so I’m just a little crazed anyway. Have a good break!

    Wishing you blessings and sweet rest, God Bless!!!

  4. We’ll miss hearing about you and the critters. Personally, I don’t find the hard work of being a grown-up repetitive because we’re always coming at things in different angles. At the same time, I understand the need for time away. Do what you need, and the rest of us will be thinking about you and sending all the good mojo we can muster.

  5. Oh sad…I so look forward to checking in on your blog every day 🙁 I know you feel like you are repeating yourself, but for what it’s worth, I certainly didn’t think you did. I love reading about your Java, Murphy, and Luke and your Charlie Brown plants and adventures. And your posts about your grief and difficult times are poignant and I’ve learned a lot through your words. I hope you decide to stick around, but if you need to go for a while, we’ll all be here when you return!
    Snuffles from the baby dragon and her gang,

  6. Thanks for all your support! I was planning on kind of a long break but maybe it will be shorter if I’m not as annoying as I think I am. But I do want to take some time to figure out a battle plan to avoid crashing and burning during the holidays.

    Thanksgiving will be the one year anniversary of my Dad’s death and Christmas has always been tough without my family around to spend it with. So I’m working on a Holidays Feel Good List for people who are on their own. Shutting myself up in the house to avoid the whole thing springs to mind but is probably not a good option.

  7. Mary…you have become a constant. It’s your call, but I sure hope you will stay in touch. How far are you away from me? Put your horses on the trailer, Java and you in the truck…and come here for the holidays. Got any vacation time? I have room for all of you. Don’t give up on returning to a meaningful life…you can do it. Sure will miss reading your stuff and seeing your pictures. I check on you every day.

  8. Lori and Roxanne – Getting away would be great. I’d go visit my family in California or Arizona. But I don’t want my husband and his girlfriend spending Christmas in my home. It may be our house, but right now, it’s my home. And she’s already spent enough time here before I knew what was going on. If I can get a friend to live here while I’m gone, it still might be workable.

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