Nowthen Threshing Show

Sunday afternoon, I headed to the Nowthen Threshing Show, where I met up with my cousin A and her husband B. They arrived on B’s Harley. It’s so fun to see my cousin decked out in leather! I’m working on convincing her she needs a biker babe t-shirt.

I caught the tractor “Parade of Power” at 2:00. Here’s the tractors lining up before the parade.

tractor parade lineup

There were all sort of old tractors. John Deere’s of course, with their distinguishing bright green and yellow colors.

John Deere tractor

Some of the other tractors looked every bit their age as they clanked and rattled along the parade route.

There were also classic Fords, with classic farmers.

Ford tractor

Some large steam powered tractors.

steam engine tractor

I’m partial to the red tractors.

Farmall tractor

This one looked more like a tank than a tractor.

tractor that looks like tank

Some tractors were driven by children.

child steering tractor

While others were overseen by dogs.

dog in tractor

There were also old cars at the fair grounds. I wonder what these guys are looking at? Appears to be pretty darn fascinating.

men looking at car

This guy reminds me of John Belushi.

guy with dog

There was also music and square dancing.

And eating, of course.

eating at fair

There were ox plowing demonstrations. I’m wondering if oxen are in the habit of biting because they appear to be wearing muzzles. This one did look a tad miffed at the driver waving his hand in his face.


B was telling me that his Dad plowed with horses with a similar rig because that’s all they had to plow with. Cousin A and I went into some of the buildings that showed what pioneer homes and stores were like. It was kind of funny because A and I were looking at the stuff and thinking we’d seen a lot of these things before as children and this was supposed to represent pioneers? Wait a minute!

Anyway, I learned that this contraption, that I got from my Mom’s house, is a potato ricer. I’m still not sure how it works.

potato ricer

Now if someone could just tell me what these things are…

rusty tractor

We also learned that when A’s grandpa drank turpentine, he hadn’t lost his mind but that turpentine was considered medicine in those days.

Yes maam, I got me some educatin’ along with having fun spending some time with A and B. Hopefully, A and I are going to hit the state fair together in the next couple weeks, if we can coordinate our busy schedules…

For your final piece of entertainment, check out this video of freestyle dog dancing. I can totally see Java getting into this! She certainly has the enthusiasm down pat. I wonder if she could go dancing at the bar with me then…

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  1. I love old tractors! We have an old one that has come in handy many times. I just wish it was 4-wheel drive though!
    Those were some fun looking tractors! Sounds like a fun day!
    I also think my Aussie’s would be a good dance partner. They dance around us all the time. I call Sadie “Pogo legs”, she hops around like she is on a Pogo stick! Bailey is always trying to take us out, by cutting in front of us or biting our legs! I think Java would be a good dancer! She sure has the energy!

  2. PG – Yeah, I love the old tractors too and find the people driving them pretty interesting. Often there’s a whole family out there with little kids barely able to reach the pedals. That dog looks likes it’s having such a good time dancing. I’m thinking this could be Java’s thing and your Aussies with all their get up and go.

    Dusty and Lynn- We did enjoy! I wish I would have bought the malt I saw everyone walking around with though. Regrets…

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