The Seasons are a Changing

Yesterday was a strange weather day. It started out cool. Then the sun came out around noon and it got darn warm. Then a wind came up around 3:00. A COLD wind! And then a COLD rain.

I ended up running around like a crazy woman trying to batten down the hatches! I brought my three measly plants into the garage as it was supposed to drop to 38 degrees at night.

protecting plants

I took the umbrella out of the table on the deck as it looked like it was going to Mary Poppins out of there. I brought the chair cushions in because they were blowing away.

I cleaned out the pool skimmers and the surface of the pool of all the leaves, pine needles, and those darn whirly bird seed things so as not to clog up the filters.

Then I cleaned stalls and brought the horses in because they were running around like the devil was chasing them.

I brought the plants that were out on the deck inside the house but the plants around the pool just had to fend for themselves. I couldn’t stand to haul anything more.

I tried to capture the wind in a photo but you just can’t get the true effect. I should have recorded it because it was LOUD. Kept me up most of the night. Which wasn’t good as this is my busy week and I had to start my day at 4 AM.

windy day

I rode Murphy and Luke in the ring before the weather got real bad. You can see it was warm from the sweat running down by Murphy’s eyes. I think the horses are already building up a winter coat as they don’t look as sleek as they did just a few weeks ago.

sweat on horse's brow

Murphy is gazing longingly out of the ring.

horse in bridle

Luke didn’t get much of a workout as the wind was starting to pick up in big gusts after about 30 minutes of riding.

horse in bridle

The changeability of the weather yesterday is why I stayed at home with the horses. I didn’t want to be at a park if things got ugly. Glad I listened to my instincts for once.

It remained windy, cool and cloudy today. The pool skimmers were so full of debris that I could barely lift the basket out and my hands were freezing!

In the spirit of the cold snap, I collected some pine cones that were on the ground and put them in a basket. Don’t they look Christmasy? Really, they just smelled so good — natural pine air freshner.

pine cones

I had some comments today from Lytha, a Horse Crazy American in Germany. That’s what I love about blogging, you get to cyber-meet people from all over the place!

It’s so interesting to get a glimpse of life somewhere else, to read about another horse or dog lover or rancher/farmer in another country. And it’s just as fun and interesting to read about people here, in the states, because there’s just such a variety of climates, landscapes, towns, and ways of doing things.

Everyone has a unique story and viewpoint to share. You make me want to run around the country and see all the cool things you photograph and describe in your blogs.

After a stress-filled day at work, you give me something beautiful to look at or a photo or story to laugh about.

Okay, I’m kind of sleep-deprived and rambling. But I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you. =D

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  1. Your weather, sounds just like mine! We just went through a change, where it got really windy, than the rain started. It’s been pouring for hours! I shouldn’t complain, we haven’t had much rain in months! But I really hate the wet.
    It is supposed to be pretty cold tonight, and my horse shoer is out early in the morning! Yikes! I just might be wearing my long underwear!
    I love what you did with the pine cones! I love that smell!

  2. Wind is always our first sign of winter. I hear that horses get freaked out by wind so I’m glad that you weren’t at the park when it hit!

  3. Hi Mary…I photographed trees blowing in the wind too. A crazy day.
    When will you close your pool? They are a lot of work when it gets to this time of the year. I am going to have to check out the blog you wrote about. No question…meeting people from around the world has been a great experience.

  4. I’ll have to get some video of our winter wind storms. They *are* something!

    We really need to skim our pond. It’s completely overgrown with moss. I keep threatening to put on waders and just slog my away across like SWAMP THING to pull it out.

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