I’m Whining

Can you say OUCH!? After the doctor got done cranking on my arm in every direction feasible this morning and some that weren’t feasible, my shoulder is feeling so much worse than it was. Whine, whine, whine…

It’s a rotator cuff issue. Now I have to make an appointment for physical therapy. If that doesn’t work, they’ll do an MRI and look at doing surgery. I’m planning on success with physical therapy or managing with a bum shoulder.

No one has suggested the perfect light box for me yet. Too bad because the cold, cloudy, rainy, brownness of it all is darn energy depleting. And it’s only October! Nothing like looking outside at this…

ugly trees

Or this. Isn’t THAT lovely?

ugly trees

I can’t afford a light box anyway because my camera is dying and fixing or replacing it will take priority. I took about ten photos of Java in the house yesterday and none of them turned out. The shutter speed was so slow that everything was blurry. I thought I’d try to take some outdoor shots of Java today to see if that was any better and it’s not.

Java thinks the pool cover is a trampoline.

dog on pool cover

The muddy horse shots are a little better.

muddy horse
horse face

I know the difference is still shots okay, moving shots not okay. But I tried both the AUTO setting and the action setting and both were equally blurry and I haven’t had it happen before where none of the action shots turned out.

I’m going to take my camera to a camera specialty store and get their advice on whether it’d be cheaper to have the camera checked out and repaired or if I’m better off just replacing it. If I replace the camera, I’d probably go with a Nikon D40. What I have right now is a Canon PowerShot S1 IS, which is not a cheap camera, so I hate to just give up on it. But it’s always been too slow to recover for action shots and not very good at indoor shots. Very frustrating.

But on the cheery side, I met with two friends this evening. We were meeting to discuss our plan of attack on writing a novel in November. I discovered our plan is to not have a plan or at least have very different plans, as each of us seem to have very different goals as to what we want to accomplish.

The common element is that we want to spend November writing with the hopes of getting unstuck in some area of our writing, but our sticking points are all a little different thus the variation in goals.

I’ll write more about that in my next post.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder! I hope you don’t need surgery. My dad had rotator cuff surgery. Any surgery, no matter what kind, is not fun. Hopefully the physical therapy works! PT worked for the disc bulge in my neck. Unfortunately I didn’t keep it up. I need to start my home exercises again since I am back at work, and my neck hurts pretty bad again!
    Hope your camera issue isn’t too serious. Electronics can be such a pain sometimes!

  2. Mary…you know then, that lifting heavy things will only make things worse. Be clever about moving stuff in the barn
    I want to get a new camera too. Mine is still working, but I want a better one.

    Writing a novel sounds VERY exciting. That should keep you busy and focused.

    It has been warm, but grey most of the time here. I will admit that it has had an impact on me too.

    Hope your shoulder eases up.

  3. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. I hope that the PT works. Oftentimes, it does work so keep up hope!

    A novel – very cool.

  4. I hear ya. I have a shoulder issue it that I’ve been trying to ignore. It’s all that heavy lifting we have to do just to keep things going and the animals fed. I have found yoga helps greatly so I’m praying that PT is an answer to your prayers.

    I also praying for sunshine again. We were blessed with three days after 10 without but it has been raining for 2.5 again. A little sunshine would go a long way!

    Have a super day and we’ll just pray that PT solves your problem. Keep us updated.

    God bless :o)

  5. I couldn’t just have an injured shoulder, as you can see from my next post. No, that wasn’t good enough for me. I need to stop climbing trees and work benches and lifting up cars to rescue little children.

    Keep those well wishes coming!

  6. Ouch. Tom had shoulder surgery years ago. I’m hoping you can avoid it.

    Enough with the falling!

    Good luck with the novel. I have one started and at least 2 others in my head. It’s MUCH harder than the writing I do day to day.

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