See Java Jump!

This will be another short post as it’s been a gosh, darn busy week. And I’m pooped.

After the rains, some mushrooms popped up. This one looks a bit on the mutant side (and slightly obscene or is it just me?).


And I’ve gotten a few more tomatoes and peppers ripening up.


With the rain came the first real heat of the summer, accompanied by Miss Humidity, big time. Java and I have been working around the place then taking a swim to cool off. Java has learned the utter joy of jumping from the side of the pool as far as she can out into the water.

dog and pool

She seems to be a bit more enthusiastic about leaping for me than she is for the ball.

dog and pool

Once in the water, she swims laps along side me. I’m getting her trained to stay in her own lane. It’s pretty embarrassing though that she can dog paddle as fast or faster than I can all out swim.

After she swims for awhile, she’ll get out of the pool and tear back and forth in the tall grass, do a couple loops in the sand of the riding arena, then flop down under a tree until she’s ready to go back in the water again.

dog running

This is the result of all that activity.

dog sleeping

For a good laugh, check out Sue’s blog about her visit to an antique store. I don’t know if it’s just stores around here that are like this or what. And check out Sue’s art blog too for a possible chance to win some art.
At the end of Sue’s latest post, she describes her mock fights with her husband. I got a good laugh out of this because I used to do the same thing when I had a man to mock fight with. Now that I’m armed with a few tips from Sue, I can’t wait to take on my next opponent. I never would have thought of showing my underwear to throw the other guy off. Genius! Sheer genius!
Night all!

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  1. Java is teh keyoot! She looks so adorable all curled up sleeping, and how fun to have someone to rough-house with that’s you know, not a giant pain in the ass. 😀

    Thanks for the link lurve too! 😉

  2. Wow – that looks like so much fun! I wish we had a pool for the dogs to swim in. L would definitely leap in from the side, but Z needs to ease his way in with stairs. I have no idea about B – she’s never seen a swimming pool. I hope to take the dogs to the river to swim later today!

  3. Lynn – It’s pretty funny the way she swims alongside me, watching me the whole time pacing herself with me.

    Jan – I make sure the pool is the last stop she makes, then have her dry off. Well, and I wipe down the couch too.

    Sue – Yeah, Java and I are buds. I’ve been told I shouldn’t let her be on the furniture, but it’s so much more fun to watch a movie with her head resting on my lap.

    Dog Geek – It is so much fun to watch Java enjoy the pool. Brings a smile to my face every time. Not sure what I’ll do when the house sells as I don’t know where I can take her to swim off leash, but I’ll keep looking until I find something. I’ll just miss having a swimming hole right out the back door. Hope you and the dogs had fun at the river!

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