Stir Me Up, Let Me Loose

It’s time for my second installment of my Lift-my-spirits and Feel-good List.

Albums, CDs and IPOD

So, another thing I use to get out of the dumps is music. Music fills me up in a way nothing else can. Once it’s poured inside me, it has to come out in loud, emotional singing; or in wild, sensual, motion; or preferably, both.

I can pound and stroke my feelings out on the piano, or slide them from here to there on the flute. I can sing out the feelings that bubble in the pit of my stomach in a soft, bluesy whisper or a strong gush of loud, rockin’ cries.

Flute and piano

Music is an outlet for my restlessness. It fills my chest until my ribs feel like they’ll pop. The beat dances the rumba with my heart. I close my eyes and sway while the song takes me away.

Music can express every possible human emotion. I heard a song (can’t for the life of me remember who did it or what it’s called) that was something about “If I was a song” and how wonderful that would be because you’d live on forever, bringing happiness to so many people. Not the right words, but that was the jist of it.

Dancing around the house by myself is freeing but it’s not enough. I long for live music and to be able to people watch. Ohhhh, people watching… Aren’t we just the darnest things? I’m not making fun, really… I love watching the smiles, the flirting, the bravado.

Dancing is ageless. There’s a young dancer that lives in all of us. I love watching that hidden spirit come out in people – especially in women over 40. When they dance they become a young woman again — sexy, beautiful, fun, and adventurous. It’s the way we are on the inside and should allow ourselves to be on the outside.

I can feel the heat stirring. I need to find someone to go dancing with before I implode. Besides, when I dance at home, Java barks at me. It kind of dampens the whole “aren’t I sexy and daring” feeling I’m trying to put on.

For a great pick-me-up, check out Sue’s blog, where she’s posted the Eurythmics singing “Brand New Day”

“No, I won’t be sad. I won’t be destroyed. Hey, it’s a brand new day.”

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  1. I can’t dance, but if I have a few drinks in me, I will dance! Even though I am not a good dancer! I do believe dancing is good for us!
    Dance your little heart out!

  2. I can just picture you being all swept away and gorgeous. I too LOVE music. It transports me and is a major release valve for me. I’ve always been too self conscious to dance in public, but love to rock out in my shop, and run to music. In reality I’m just jogging along, but in my head I’m usually doing all these complicated leaping/spinning/acrobatic things to the beat.

  3. Paint Girl – I don’t think there are any bad dancers. Dancing is just about expressing how you feel about the music. Just need to have fun with it.

    Sue – Me too! I have this whole choreography thing going on in my head when I’m driving the car or plugged into my IPOD at my desk. It’s this combination of ballet, modern dance, and hip hop. You should see my windmill!

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