Trying to be Good

As Java ran towards the horses, I told her to sit and stay. Look at that obedient dog…

Java at gate

Should have snapped a photo 5 seconds later when she went running through the fence and chased them. But I’ll leave you with this angelic impression.

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  1. Paint Girl – Java tries. She really needs a playmate more her size.

    Ari – It’s tempting to let her play. My horses aren’t afraid of her and will only warn her if she starts to bug them. The problem comes if she’s ever around other horses. They might try to kick her and the horses’ owners might night be too thrilled either. Some people will shoot a dog that chases their animals.

    Lori – I can keep the cat, dog, and one horse, but I can’t afford the board and care of two horses. I’ll keep both until the house sells anyway.

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