I Have the Technology!

Okay. This is my first attempt at adding video to my blog. Be patient with me. I don’t quite get the editing yet. I wanted to do certain portions slow motion but could not get the effects editor to open, no matter how many times I watched the video that showed me how it’s supposed to work. iMovie’s Help totally stinks! 

I also wasn’t sure how much to compress or what settings to use. My first save was 97 MB! I got it down to 7.3, but now it looks kind of dotty. Any suggestions from you experienced video-ographicers?

Anyway, this is Java playing frisbee. She’s getting better at catching it. You might also notice she has a training collar on. According to the DVD that came with the collar, you are supposed to put it on for about a month and play and train the dog before you ever start to actually turn it on and use it. That way the dog hopefully associates the collar with fun time and not with being hit by lightening. Plus you are working on basic come and stay, within reach before moving on to obeying commands in an open field. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I love this! Java did so well there at the end! I could never get any of my dogs to play frisbee! I would have thought my Aussie’s would be good at it, but no. They would rather herd goats, and humans. Hmmm…
    I think you did a good job editing, I don’t even know how to do that. I just put whatever video I recorded right on my blog, mistakes and all! I am not very computer literate at times!!

  2. You did a FAB job with this…I don’t know how to do this at all so I’m no help. It turned out great! Oh and JAVA is really getting to be an expert frisbee catcher.

  3. Awesome video!! Java is a total pro frisbee catcher! Mack does those leaping catches for snowballs, but that’s the only thing he’ll do it for (hurts his dignity too much when he misses and gets beaned by a ball or frisbee…but snow is another story, as being 1/2 Husky he adores it!)

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