Finally! A real Minnesota blizzard! I’ve missed these things.

Fortunately, I bought a new toy last weekend, a power shovel, in an attempt to save my shoulders and back.

It may look little, but it works pretty darn slick, like a snowblower but small enough to do stairs and decks.

I can’t take credit for this bit of creativity. I saw a photo of something similar on the news.

Bucky Beaver was thankful to have the snow brushed off his head.

This is one hardy plant.

Java once again was enjoying running with and catching her ball.

Then she took off with one of my mittens, which I had removed to take some photos.

There are drawbacks to all this snow frolicking — toe tweezing.

I love the snow, but not so much the wind.

Although it does make for some interesting window effects.

Well, time to head back out again for round two of snow removal.

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  1. You took some great pictures of the weather. Especially the first one of you…and the second one of Java. And you like a good old fashioned blizzard????

  2. I heard you were getting dumped on and then the wind was supposed to come up..we only have real cold here..bitter and below zero. Java looks like she is having a great time! 🙂

  3. Lori – I actually do. It’s been a long time since we’ve had one. And when else can you ski with your dog on the city streets? Java and I had to get out and do our first skijor trip before the temps really took a dive.

  4. Great pics Maery! It really is a wonderland out there…well until the shoveling begins:-) I was waiting for the picture of the ‘reward’ feast that was waiting for you at the end of the job:-) You should hire a cute little house boy to cook and clean for you while you do all the brute work! I use the term ‘boy’ loosely ~ I’m talkin’ 35-40ish:-) It might make the work go more quickly! Kathleen

  5. i don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dog who love to romp in the snow as much as your Java does. Great pics girl.

    I’m so happy ya have something to help with the shoveling…hopefully it will save ya load of shoulder pain this winter.

    God bless ya and stay warm girl!!!

  6. Kathleen – Reward feast was pizza, beer, and ice cream. If a gal can have a pool boy in the summer? What would you have in the winter? A snowman? You do know I didn’t do all that work myself don’t ya? While we’re on terminology, what would be the female version of “chick magnet”? Hunk trap? That’s trap, not tramp.

  7. “Snowman” I like that! He could thaw your pipes:-) Maybe just stud finder ~ we are afterall, tools:-) How about ‘jock drawer’? That is as good as I can do on the spot! I am glad you were rewarded with pizza, beer and ice cream! Even with help, it was a lot of work! Kathleen

  8. Wow– super fantastic pics. I also love the first one of you. No one pulls off the gun-slinger look like you! I loved the blizzard. Now I’ll enjoy all the piles and piles of fresh pow!!

  9. Wonderful pictures. I am going to have to check out those power shovels. Looks like a very neat toy. Java is hilarious.

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