Chalk Another One Up For Mary

Murphy at Rum River Park

Just a brief word, because I am so totally proud of myself! I drove the horse trailer with Murphy in it to the park and went riding for about an hour — all by myself! 

I was nervous as all get out, but I didn’t allow myself to think for very long about it — just went ahead and changed clothes after work, prepped the trailer, loaded Murphy, and went.

Murphy is so much more energetic on the trails than he is riding around in the ring at home. There are a number of steep, sandy hills in the park and Murphy thinks it’s easier to run as fast as he can up them. He’s so comfortable to ride, he has me thinking twice about selling him. 

I’ll have to try the same thing with Luke next and see if I can manage him on the trails by myself. He tends to spook a whole lot more than Murphy. He can also run a whole lot faster than Murphy so it’s more work to keep Luke under control.

In case you are wondering, the orange halter in the photo is something I bought to keep on Murphy during deer hunting season when we’re in the woods. I’ve run into deer hunters before and it’s a little scary, even if you do wear orange.

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  1. Yeah! I am so happy for you! You did it! Wasn’t that so much fun? Now you can just take off and go riding, and know that you can!
    Lovin’ the orange halter! Gotta do it if there are hunters around!

  2. Mary….see! Already you are moving forward. The good news is that you found out you can do it. I find that when I take Berlin away from the farm she is more dependent on me…even if we are with other horses. A couple of days ago when we rode down the lane behind our farm, she was a pain in the butt knowing that the rest of the herd was close by. I sure hope you don’t have to sell either horse. You need them and they need you. Keep up the good work.

  3. That’s wonderful! I don’t like bumping into hunters in the bush either-the orange halter does make sense, and it looks pretty too!

  4. Yea! Go Mary! That is exciting news. I bet you felt really good. I like the bright halter….a great idea, actually! 😉

  5. I had such a great time, I did it all over again the next day with Luke. Total bummer that I’ll be losing the trailer and truck in the divorce. Hopefully I’ll find a place to board that’s right on a big trail system.

    I sure wish I could keep Murphy but I don’t see how I could pay the bills on him. He’s such a good trail horse. I hope I can find someone that will appreciate him the way I do.

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