A Raucous 4th

I went to my Aunt’s cabin for the 4th of July. My Aunt, cousin A, her husband, and a few of the grandkids were there.

It was the most gorgeous day, so there were a lot of people at the lake celebrating with family and friends. Plus there was the annual boat parade on the lake. My Aunt counted 76 boats going by the cabin during the parade. It was like a boat freeway!

There were a number of patriotic pontoons. Check out the hat on the guy in front!

Flag boat

There was a Viking ship.

Viking ship

And a pirate ship.

Pirate ship

There was a Tiki bar boat that looked like a lot of fun. Note the girl in front with the fishing net. This is not for hauling in big fish. It’s for catching water balloons that are thrown at you, which you can then use to throw back at the people, because the boat parade very quickly digresses into a free-for-all water fight!

Tiki boat

For some, lobbing a water balloon is not good enough. Check out the sling shot! Serious tossage with that thing!

Then there are the water cannons…

Water cannon

Or you can simply throw weeds at each other.

Weed fight

There was a lot happening on the beach also. Dogs running in the water.

Dog running in water

Dogs running out of the water.

Dog with stick

And kids running in the water.

Girl running

There was music at a neighboring cabin. Don’t you wish you had a boombox like this? The sound was turned up to level 2 out of 10 and it was loud! Can’t imagine what level 10 would be like… Of course, the ten foot stack of speakers helped.

Boom box

And of course with the music, you had to have some dancing.


I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the day and that your critters didn’t have any heart attacks during the fireworks.

I put my horses in the barn. Not sure why I gave them any hay, because all they did was pace and poop on top of it. That’s the one thing I don’t enjoy about the 4th.
Written by Maery Rose