Cats and Dogs

cat and dog
In memory of my cat Shy
(2012 photo of Shy and Java)

I came home from work yesterday and crumbled into a boneless heap. So I’ll have to share the story I was going to create about Wild Women (yesterday’s post) tomorrow. (I’m being optimistic that today will be a better day)

Last night, I did get in a few laughs by pulling out a book called “How to Cook a Wolf” by MFK Fisher and reading a few pages before I slithered off to bed. The book was first published in 1942, during World War II. I figure that if someone can find humor about living through war times and harsh shortages and rationing, and then write a book containing a few recipes and wisdom about getting by with less, I should certainly be able to humor my way through a stressful time at work.

Here’s one example of how Fisher makes the best of what is when recommending how to feed pets:

“Dogs are more of a problem than cats, since they are believed to be carnivorous and have small scope to exercise that nature, fortunately for us… They must be fed with more expense, if not more care, than the ordinary house-cat…who if she’s worth her salt will do a bit of mousing, war or no war, and can fend for herself with the inspiration of a good saucer of milk now and then, and a comforting bite from the kitchen leftovers… She [my cat] and I nibble at the same food, from different dishes and physical levels, and feel companionable. It is another good argument for the spiritual value of leftovers, with their accumulated savor.” ~ MFK Fisher

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