Wild Women Writing Prompt

magical forest
Just for fun, because I could use some right now. Can’t everyone? I’ve decided to take a bit of a story as a writing prompt and see where it takes me. I invite others who like to amuse themselves with words and imaginings to play along, and hope you’ll post a bit of what you come up with.

In other words, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

The following excerpt comes from a short story called “The Raw Brunettes” by Lorraine Schein. I found it in the book “Wild Women,” a collection of short stories edited by Sue Thomas. There are so many parts to this story that make me smile that it’s difficult to choose which sentences to use for an imagination kickstart, but I think this will do…

“The Raw Brunettes sometimes run through the night, howling in their secret language at the moon. Or they ride on their black motorcycles, dark tresses flayed by the night air, skirts hitched up to show…”

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