It’s Absurd! No, It’s Minnesota

Leaves curl on downward-dog stems, touched by solar fingers holding no mercy.

According to my temperature gauge, it hit 109 degrees on my deck yesterday! The official high was only around 105 degrees. Then today, on my walk after work, I was wishing I would have worn a jacket! Minnesota weather keeps you on your toes.

Most of my plants were doing okay after the heat wave and I made myself some tea that I’m enjoying right now. I used chocolate mint, peppermint and regular mint leaves, along with half of a stevia leaf for sweetness. It’s, as you would expect, minty-fresh.

Cirrus as whispy as chick down, lies amongst spoonfuls of cumulus vanilla ice cream floating on a saucer of blue. The sun, feeling overshadowed, kicks off a fiery ball of attitude.

I’m not sure whether it’s obvious, but I’m feeling a bit disjointed. The truth is, I’m spent.

Definition of spent from the Free Online Dictionary:
1. Used up; consumed: a spent youth.
2. Having come to an end; passed: a spent era of opulence.
3. Depleted of energy, force, or strength; exhausted: At the end of the hot day the spent workers slept under a shady tree.
4. Nautical Of or relating to a vessel at the end of a voyage, with fuel, stores, and water consumed and cargo discharged.

Yes, that says it all. but I’m not sure what my status exactly means. What I do know is that something has to change. An adjustment really. Get things back into alignment. Take some time to breathe.

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  1. This crazy weather has had quite an impact on everyone…that’s for sure. Hope you start breathing.
    You continue to take some great photographs and it seems that your house is in great order.

  2. I love your initial quote and the corresponding photo ~ perfect! I think you are sounding rather serene and ‘put together’ sipping your tea and quoting poetry:-) This has been crazy weather for sure, as I sit in my sweatshirt today. K

  3. Sue – I know! What a discovery!

    Samantha – Yeah, everyone is having a touch of craziness this year.

    Lori – Agreed. On of my sister’s been evacuated in AZ. If only the winds would stop and a good drenching rain would come.

    Kathleen – I’m trying pretty hard to relax and let it be. But having to try so hard is an issue in itself. “It don’t come easy, ya know it don’t come easy.”

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