Not so pretty
Supple and lithe
A boney bump 
And scar
Horse accidents
Snow shoveling
These hands have
Earned their keep

They love
Mugs of hot coffee
Cold bottles of beer
And digging in the dirt

Oh, the friends they’ve made!
These hands of mine
Rubber grips for opening stubborn jars
And magnetic necklace clasps
But they continue to do 
What needs to get done
And what they are best for
Doesn’t require strength

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  1. Fantastic! These hands have earned their keep? I love that! And your photographs are stunning – as are your hands! I often think that way about my body in general – you know, that it’s earned its keep – but specifically hands? What a lovely meditation. I loved, loved, loved this and will look at my age spotted, somewhat scarred, crepe paper textured skin hands more lovingly and appreciatively after reading this.

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