A Kid at Heart

At what point
Do we 
Stop enjoying
Eying with wonder
A seed split open
A shoot rising
Out of the earth
Or fungus
Springing out of
Recycled coffee grounds?

At what point
Do we become
So sophisticated
That nothing amazes
Makes us blink in surprise

At what point
Are we no longer allowed
To be silly?

I hope I never reach that point.

The mushrooms come from Back to the Roots and are a fun and worthwhile project for all ages. Yummy too!

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  1. Got another plate??? It looks delicious!!!

    I’ve often said, “I’m like Peter Pan and will never grow up!” I’ve always surrounded myself with children…teachin’, Sunday School, Kid’s Church and eight grands…I don’t have to grow up!!! Heeehehehe!!

    I adore both the picture and the beautiful poem sweetie.

    Have yourself a perfectly blessed day my ‘kid’ sister!!! :o)

  2. I HAVE to order these! Were they on 60 minutes? (what a great idea, glad they made a buddle…and from coffee grounds…who knew, they should put these guys in charge of world hunger )
    They look beautiful too! Stunning enough to put anywhere.
    (and I hope we never reach that point either) Great poem Maery!

  3. Beautiful poem! I was at our local health food store looking at that exact mushroom kit two days ago. I think that I may have to go back and get one!

  4. Oh my! I never knew mushrooms could look so beautiful…kind of like Calla Lilies!

    We don’t have mushrooms here…just not enough humidity and moisture and way too much sunlight to grow them.

    I’m not a huge fan of eating mushrooms…they taste like dirt to me. lol! But this would be a fun project to do with my kids. I bet my chickens would eat them afterwards.


    And I like your poem, too!


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