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A short post to say that I’m back from New York. I have a large number of photos to weed through and edit. I just thought I’d give you a taste with one photo above, which was taken in the stairwell of my son’s apartment. I didn’t exactly do the typical New York tour. The point of my trip to the big apple was to spend time with my son and that part, I enjoyed a great deal.

Unfortunately, I came home to one very sick Australian Australorp chick. She appears to have crookneck. I think she may have injured herself during a loud thunderstorm. This photo is blurry but she’s the one on the far left, taken before the injury.

Crookneck is a brain injury. Her neck is bent into her chest so she can’t eat or drink and she walks backwards. From what I’ve read, if I give her food and water by hand and give her prednisone to take down any brain swelling, she may make it, but it will be a tough haul to get her through this. Watching her struggle is a real heartbreaker.

So I’m running to the vet this morning for medication and hoping I can pull her through. Right now, I have to try and give her more food and water.

I hope to be back soon.

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  1. So sorry about your little chick…it is so difficult dealing with these things. Maybe she will pull through though. Can’t wait to see your New York photos. I love that place!

  2. I’m so sorry ’bout your little feather fluff. Hopefully it’s pull through. I’m prayin’!

    It’s something that happens when ya own critters. We have a sayin’ ’round here. If ya have ’em no matter how hard ya try your gonna lose some. It’s hard but Mama said like ain’t always easy.

    I hope you had a grand time with Son and I can’t wait to see your pictures!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day sweetie!!!

  3. Welcome home! Glad you got to spend preciocus time with your son. So sorry to hear about your poor little chick! I sure hope you can nurse her back to good health!!

  4. wonderful! Am so glad you had such a great time. And – welcome back..sorry to hear about your sweet chicks!

  5. I’m glad that you had a good trip but I’m sorry about your little chick. I hope that she recovers, with your help.

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