Chicks Happen

My chicks are a bit stressed from the long, bumpy ride home. Why is it we never notice how terrible a road is until every bump creates a frantic, harried, shrill chirping? One of the Buff Orpingtons is ESPECIALLY LOUD!

I think they wore themselves out and thus, the photos are a bit drab but you get the chick idea. I’m trying to quit checking on them every fifteen minutes and simply let them sleep.

But now I arrive at the important stuff — chick names. What’s in a name? Quite a bit I’d say. Changing my name to Maery Rose opened up other possibilities. I was able to see myself differently and create a new story. Old habits die hard but I can always ask myself now, “What would Maery Rose do?”

Chick names are a bit different. I don’t suppose the chicks care, but the choice is still important, at least to the chick owner.

This isn’t exactly a poem, but then few of my so called poems are. In no rules Maery Rose land, that’s okay by me.

Chicken names
An important part of 
Every backyard chicken operation

I laughed when I ran across
The name Ann Coulter*
For an especially noisy hen

There are literary chickens
Adorning backyards
You may well find
Sylvia Plath
Virginia Wolfe and
Emily Bronte 

I’m sticking with
My coffee theme
And testing out

Poor Robusta
Sounds like
A meat bird name

Do not worry
Your cute, fuzzy, little head
You’re a rooster

*Saw the chicken name Ann Coulter in Jenna Woginrich’s book “Made from Scratch” 

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  1. So CUTE! As much as I love the name Ann Colter for the loud one (LOL)…you’re right…you have a coffee thing go’n.
    Chickens AND Poetry….look at you go!

  2. Absolutely delightful, Maery. My brother-in-law in Michigan has had several “ornate” chickens for years now. We all love to watch them!

    And your poem is perfect!

  3. Awwwww, sweet names!!! Even Robusta. Back in the sixties my little sister named all the chick after the many presidential candidates. ‘Cracked me up!

    God bless and have a great day!!!

    (Daddy always told us to never name anything we’re gonna eat but we did anyway…and still do!) Heeheehe!

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