Sleep and Food; It’s That Time of Year

It’s a down comfort day
A lazy, nappy, cuddle weather day
Ignore the black, gray, and white hairy splatter
A paisley patterned duvet would serve better
Perhaps no pets in bed rule is called for
But that would chill me and make me lonely to the core
Body heat is more important than hairless blankets
This is baking weather
Cookies for dogs and people weather
Soup and homemade bread with honey weather
Early to bed
Curl up with a book
Snuggle with doggy fur
And downy feather weather!

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  1. Winter is in the air up here..very cold winds the past few days. I made a huge batch of baked beans for the freezer easy to take out as a side dish. I have company at night too..but he gets too warm so he sleeps next to me on the floor:)

  2. I’m not sure there is anything as healing and affirming as the warmth of one’s beloved pet:-) Furless blankets aren’t all that great.

  3. I love this post and your furry blankets. Some people would just call your blankets ‘plush’. I’ve seen plush blankets at the stores selling for a very high price. They must be on to something.

    I’m thinking that your cup of soup and plate of honey bread looks rather lonely. Might you have a matching set for me to come join you?


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